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Frontend React Developer in Berlin

60,000 - €70,000
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Job Description

Why Hasty?

At Hasty, we are improving the success rate of companies implementing image-based AI. We are doing this by building tooling that makes it more intuitive to train an AI, reduces human error and tackles the biggest issues blocking this to date - annotating data.

For us, solving the problem of annotations is the first step to building a more comprehensive suite of tools that will become the must-have tool for anyone looking to develop an AI.

As a workplace, we can offer you the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of machine learning in a startup environment. For you, this can be a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in tech while working on a complex and interesting product from the frontend perspective.

What you’ll do:

According to one of our frontend engineers, what we are doing on the frontend-side is “building Photoshop for machine learning”. It’s a real challenge, with plenty of complex technical problems to solve. Expect to work on canvas manipulation, WebSockets integration, and integrating machine learning into a product that everyone can use on an everyday basis.

There’s a lot of variance in the work we do too, so if you are a person that enjoys new challenges and grows bored with repetitive work, we are the workplace for you.

Who we are looking for:

A Frontend Engineer with at least 2 years of experience with React and, ideally, 4 years of experience with JavaScript. Someone who writes JS-code using best practices and have expert knowledge of CSS. Preferably, they like to work on complex problems and are proficient in optimizing web performance.

We love people who take ownership of their work and are not happy with a feature until it makes the product a better experience for all users. We need someone who cooperates well with others and takes the time needed to do proper code reviews and gives constructive feedback to the rest of the team.
Finally, we would like a proactive person that has their own ideas for new features and new ways of doing things. This person is looking for a workplace where people listen to what they say and encourages them to have a role in the development of the overall product.

What we offer:

We offer a competitive salary package, the possibility to have flexible working hours and a lot of autonomy of how you do your work and how you structure your day. Beyond that, we offer you a chance to not only be an employee, but also an owner of the company as you will receive share options in Hasty.

Last but not least, we think the major perk in working here is to work with a relatively senior team of people who are both uniquely brilliant and great at supporting each other. We are firm believers that Hasty, the product, is great because we have done a good job in empowering our team.


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