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FrontEnd Engineer Javascript/NodeJs in Barcelona


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Job Description

CORNERJOB is the leading recruitment-app in France, Italy, Spain and Mexico for blue collars (80% of the labor market). We launched our operations in September 2015 and we have experienced an incredible growth in the last 9 months, with operations running in four countries, 650,000 downloads a month, over 1 million monthly active users on the app and almost 40,000 new job offers per month. Since our launch, we helped close more than 100,000 employment contracts. We raised a total of $35 million in less than a year to support our growth, international expansion and product development strategy.

We are disrupting the way candidates and employers meet each other through a frictionless, simple and elegant mobile experience. The staffing industry is currently experiencing a revolution and we are reinventing the way employers search and find the right match. The labor market moves with greater fluidity than ever in most sectors: hotels, restaurants, retail, call centers, transportation, tourism, etc. Ourgoal is to become the one stop shop for candidates and employers by ensuring the fastest and easiest match.

We are a digital startup which was originally launched within Antai Venture Builder, the leading Spanish startup-studio which launched great companies such as Wallapop, ChicPlace, FancyBox, ElCodi, Deliberry and Stampydoo.


Role and responsibilities:  

  • Work in the Tech team, hand in hand with the Product team and UX team
  • Design (architecture) + Implement (coding) the best solutions for each given problem

  • Responsible for the webapp platform, front-office and back-office


We offer:

  • Young, dynamic and multidisciplinary professional environment  and a great opportunity in a high growth sector  

  • Career development and possibility to face responsibility positions depending on the performance of the company

  • Competitive salary with incentives and bonus based on objectives



  • Good analytical capacity

  • Ability to work independently, proactive and responsible

  • Being used to pick frameworks

  • Ability to transport UX from wireframes/psd to CSS3+HTML5


Absolute requirements:

  • Previous experience in “agile” teamwork under Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban

  • Experience with GitHub - Fork & Pull request collaboration models

  • +3 years of proven experience in Javascript/NodeJS development

  • Experience with ReactJS

  • Experience with “backend as a service” REST APIs

  • Experience with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube integrations

  • You work heavily for “cross browser” (IE7+) compat, you know the tools to deal with it (shim / polyfill)

  • Masterly grasp in Javascript; not only JQuery: constructor function, prototype, object literals, when to use keyword “new” or “var”, scoping rules, when to use apply(), bind(), call(), prototypal inheritance, closures and anonymous functions. Do you have “Javascript: the good parts” or “Secrets of the JavaScript ninja” in your nightstand drawer?

  • Deep knowledge of programming patterns object oriented: observer, adapter, decorator, proxy, composite, factory (are you SOLID?)

  • You write clean and testable code, unit tests (Mocha) and integration tests

  • Care of good practices and class organisation of code application

  • Git proficiency: remotes, interactive rebase, cherry-pick, annotation tagging, plumbing commands are not Greek to you! You know when to use push-force without having a heart attack

  • Automation tools: Grunt, Gulp or Webpack

  • D3, React & Flux


Desirable requirements:

  • Proven experience in with Parse SDK (standards, cloud functions, jobs, APIs)
  • Experience with databases, relational or nosql
  • Experience with search engines
  • Experience with other frontend frameworks: AngularJS / BackboneJS


About CornerJob

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