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Frontend Developer in Paris


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Job Description

Your focus will be on our Frontend infrastructure, from scaling challenges to data processing ones. We have an intense roadmap ahead, which includes a plethora of new features and integrations.

Some of our current interests are based on:

🛠 Product: We are building one of the best lending App designed for freelancers.

🔮 Machine learning: We have a huge amount of transaction, social and behavioral data, which we are using to score this new economy. Predicting when a user is going in overdraft, when a card payment is coming through or clustering a huge set of subscriptions are a few of the problems we are tackling. But also how much his professional network is developed.

📈 Scaling: We need to keep Mansa up and running. This means an intense effort and quality in the work we do on new big data challenges.

🏃‍♂️ Speed: In this industry what really matters is speed. How much iops can you process? BLITZSCALING!

⚗️ Develop and support new applications

- Collaborate in the specification and technical architecture phases
- Contribute to application architecture reviews, selection of frameworks / library and implementation of design patterns (performance, maintainability, scalability, reuse, ...)
- Perform integration of the solution / technical and functional settings
- Design of test scenarios / Identification and formalization of errors and inconsistencies (environment management, unit test, test plan, code correction, ...)

⭐️ Integration of existing IT solutions and participation in the acceptance testing

- Perform code writing in accordance with the instructions established at the service level
- Improve tools for production
- Learn to use our internal tools (Slack, Airtable, Salesforce) and important development tools (OVH Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins)
- Draft the technical documentation necessary for the durability of the maintenance by respecting the standards set up

🔥 Skills required for the position

- Good knowledge of Agile and Craftmanship development practices (TDD, continuous integration, code refactoring, etc.)
- A good experience of RESTFul APIs and separation of concerns
- Ability to document and democratize selected good practices and architectural principles, API
- Ability to work in a team: Listening, communication, dynamism, responsibility and collective commitment
- Strong interest in software architecture and development (technological watch)
- Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to participate in the construction of a story, an adventure


About Mansa

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