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Frontend Developer in Madrid


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Job Description

Who We Are

Guesser is a prediction market platform where users can invest in the outcome of real world events using cryptocurrency. These prediction markets are smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, and they enable users to place forecasts in a fully peer to peer way with a level of transactional freedom that has not been possible until the advent of blockchain technology. As prediction markets grow they will present larger opportunities for those with valuable information to benefit from their edge and be able to exchange that value.

Our mission is to enable this forecasting of real world outcomes throughout a range of topics, whether that’s finance, politics, e-sports, technology, entertainment… by creating products that are very simple to use by our growing audience. Interacting with blockchain technology today is complex, and we are changing that by building a product that more people can easily use and understand.

As a team, we are building a small, motivated, energetic group of people committed to contributing to build an alternative financial system based on cryptocurrencies, harnessing the power of decentralized technology and smart contracts. By joining Guesser at this early stage, you become a key part of a team of less than 10 people in which your work will play an indispensable role in turning this vision into a long term reality.

As a product, we have a standard for top quality in any of our focus fields, whether that’s the user interface, the user experience, the smart contract connection architecture or the transactions design. We are thrilled to face new technical challenges and overcome them by combining the technical expertise of a talented team with the learning culture that we try to foster in the company’s environment.  

Both founders Jose and Carlos started to work on the project from Madrid, Spain, which is where our main office is now. Our investors are top U.S. venture capital firms - the ideal partners to join us on this journey!

Your Role

Building a quality web frontend has gotten way more complicated than it used to. We want someone like you, capable of evolving at the incredibly fast speed that this ecosystem is moving. Guesser uses Nuxt, a configuration that combines Vue.js and the good ol' Bootstrap. Trying to make Ethereum’s UX much much better is one of our top priorities, so if simplifying the user experience through seamless interface development is something you like to be a part of, you'll feel comfortable here!

Technical Requirements

  • Vue.js or other reactive framework like React or Angular.
  • Vuex or other State container like Redux.
  • Knowledge of ES6
  • Apollo GraphQL

Nice to Haves

  • UI design
  • UX obsession
  • Testing culture
  • Bootstrap
  • React Native
  • Ethereum tech stack

Our Culture

We are looking for people willing to take on the big responsibility of an early stage startup, face the many challenges that building something new entails with passion, integrity and sharpness, and be able to solve unexpected problems with flexibility and accuracy.

There is not a specific university degree or work experience that makes you suitable for an early stage role in a fast growth startup, which is why the non-technical requirements for this job are not about credentials, but about your fit in the company’s culture.

We make decisions using reason and facts, not authority. Members of the team shall try to best understand how the world works and act from this knowledge to make our mission a reality. Every member of the team is expected to bring curiosity and rigor; we like those who learn relentlessly and are open to acknowledge mistakes we all make.

We surround ourselves with people who are willing to explore ideas and beliefs which are far or opposite from the mainstream opinion, in favor of finding the truth.

The power of an alternative financial system challenges traditional models such as centralized money issuance, permissioned transactions or custodial banking. We are looking for people who are willing to question the status quo if that’s necessary to build a better product, system or new technology.

A role in a small team in a high growth startup is very different from that of working for a big company. Where in other companies you’d be told to do something, here you might be expected to figure it out for yourself. What could be a clearly defined position where you shouldn’t go out of line, here it’s a multi-disciplinary role where you must be able to harness different skills and be ready to make time sensitive decisions. Where meeting with another team member might take weeks to set up, here it can take minutes. What can be a Christmas bonus in a big corporation, here it’s owning equity % in a business where your work has a measurable impact in that future value.

Being part of the Guesser team is an experience from which you will learn and grow exponentially. We’re looking forward to welcoming you on board!


About Guesser

  • Fintech

  • Madrid, Spain

  • 2-10

  • 2018

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