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Frontend Developer in London


36,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

You are a Javascript developer looking to be a part of a friendly and growing startup company where you can put your own personal touch on the product and codebase

We are a small engineering team of 5 developers who work closely together on frontend, backend and devops tasks. We each have our areas of expertise, but we place a lot of emphasis on being multi-disciplinary. We do not expect anyone to work on all codebases, but we encourage everyone to keep up to date with the developments in our frontend, backend and devops pipelines. Most importantly, we all take ownership of the code that we write regardless of language, application or area of expertise.

Your primary role will be to build features and frontend infrastructure for our web-based product You will be working closely with our Director of Product, Fred, who is also our lead frontend developer, as well as, our backend team, which is led by our Director of Technology, Mads.

Your main responsibilities and tasks:

- Plan, build and push new features to our web application.
- Fix bugs, write tests and work on the overall stability of our production and development applications.
- Plan and implement infrastructural changes to our frontend codebase when needed.
- Maintain and expand on our component library to ensure that they meet present and future requirements.
- Research and think about the best long-term code strategies, i.e. infrastructural concerns, code design principles, performance/optimisation, scaling etc.

The primary languages and tools we use:

- Vue/Javascript for our frontend.
- Django/Python for our backend.
- Gitlab for repo management and CI/CD.
- Postgres and Firebase for our databases.
- Heroku for deploying our applications.
- AWS for hosting files.
- Slack for team communication.
- Trello for task management/sprint planning.

  • Saa S

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