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Frontend Developer in Barcelona


30,000 - €45,000
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Job Description


We need someone with professional, hands-on experience in developing Web based applications in a fast paced, business changing environment. If you are an expert in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, advanced DOM and have experience in functional programming, then you may be reading about your next job right now!

As a Front-end Developer you will be responsible for build and maintain front-end applications using modern JavaScript technologies. You will be responsible for working with technical and non-technical staff to translate business requirements into technical requirements for execution. You will participate and give feedback in design and code reviews with other developers.

Job Purpose:

  • Build and maintain single-page applications using React, Redux and TypeScript, in line with software engineering best practices.

  • Build core user profile functionality by developing new features and extracting existing features from other services.

  • Collaborate with teammates (including external vendors) and stakeholders to build and improve UI features.

  • Draft architectural decisions together with the Tech Lead and explore new technologies.

  • Take an active part in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to other members of the team.

    Key skills and experience:

    We happen to work with Typescript, React, and NodeJS, so experience using these libraries is key, but as everything change that can change too in the future, that’s why we are looking for a Front-end developer with a strong knowledge of Vanilla JS and a deep interest in functional programming.

  • +3 years of front-end development experience (JavaScript/ES6, HTML5, and CSS3) and responsive design.

  • +3 years of experience with front-end web frameworks and tools (React, Angular or VUE) and load page speed and performance optimization.

  • Hands-on experience with Redux, NodeJS, Typescript, and Functional Programming.

  • Ability to write responsive CSS and HTML, good understanding of at least one of the

    following: CSS, SCSS, SASS or Styled-Components
  • Testing (Unit Testing / TDD / BDD). Jest, Enzyme & Cypress

  • Experience with Git / Gitflow

  • Experience working with teams using continuous integration, continuous deployment, and automated testing with two weeks iterations and agile software development tools (Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, etc.)

  • Good understanding of the agile software development process.

  • Product orientated with a pragmatic approach

  • Good communication skills.

  • Fluent proficiency in English.

    Nice to have:

  • Good understanding of back-end technologies to contribute to the optimizing of REST

    APIs design with back-end team

  • Understanding of principles of user authentication and authorization.

  • Experience in SSO, OAuth and JWT.

  • Experience in/with React Native.

    Very nice to have:

  • Experience with ramda, rxjs, reselect, redux-observable and epics concept.

  • Experience with native mobile frontend development

Keywords: React, ES6, Redux, JavaScript, Functional Programming


About Roche

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Our commitment

For more than 40 years. Roche Diabetes Care is pioneering innovative diabetes technologies and services. Being a global leader in integrated diabetes management, more than 5,000 employees in over 100 markets worldwide aim every day to help people with diabetes and those at risk to experience true relief from the daily therapy routines. We are dedicated to advancing how care is being provided and to achieve this, we collaborate with caregivers healthcare providers and payers worldwide to drive optimal management of this complex condition and contribute to building sustainable care structures.

Personalized diabetes management

At Roche Diabetes Care we believe that a collaborative, integrated and personalized approach is needed to determine the optimal therapy for each person with diabetes or at risk of developing the disease. It is equally important for us to spark lifestyle changes, encourage motivation and determine opportunities that will enable patients to reach the individual health goals by spending more time in range.

Under the brand Accu-Chek and in collaboration with partners. Roche Diabetes Care creates value by providing integrated solutions to monitor glucose levels, deliver insulin and track as well as contextualize relevant data points to contribute to a successful therapy. By establishing an open ecosystem, connecting devices and digital solutions, Roche Diabetes Care will help to enable personalized diabetes management which will thus help improve therapy outcomes.

By driving digital health in an open ecosystem and offering integrated diabetes management solutions and services, we are aiming to shape the way diabetes care is being provided now and in the future.


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