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Front-end Software Engineer in Paris


40,000 - €70,000
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Job Description

As a front-end engineer, you will work on Deepomatic Studio, the deep-learning based web platform used by our clients to build their own image recognition system and manage their deployed AIs. Packaging the power and complexity of deep learning in a highly visual, user-friendly web platform is no easy task. You will be responsible to build slick, fast and exciting UI using the most modern web technologies.

What We're Building

At Deepomatic, we believe that the ability to leverage video recognition systems should be available to all, not just big tech companies. Our mission is to help companies deliver high-impact applications of video recognition, by developing a user-friendly and highly visual deep learning platform, that makes building and deploying state-of-the-art visual AIs as easy as using an app.

Our first product, Deepomatic Studio, is an easy-to-use SaaS platform allowing our customers to tackle video-related problems by building and deploying deep learning based systems, without the need for a team of artificial intelligence specialists.

Our platform is used by Global 500 companies to solve problems ranging from making parking lots safer, industrial quality control, automating motorway tolls to autonomous cars.


About Deepomatic

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