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Job Description

LanguageWire is one of the world’s leading providers of language and content services. Founded in 2000, LanguageWire continually develops unique technology to help brands reach their full global potential. Backed by a worldwide network of language experts and an intuitive online platform, we make it easy to manage multilingual content.

Today's translation industry is a game on technology, driven by software solutions for project management, content platform integrations, and MT assisted translations. LanguageWire employs more than 70 people within Software Development and embraces the latest technologies; all new services are born in the cloud running on Kubernetes clusters. All landscapes are fully automated (infrastructure as code) and so is CI/CD. We process thousands of files, millions of words every day so uptime, scalability and quality are very important to us.

This position as Senior Frontend Developer in Valencia Spain, is especially exciting as you will be part of a brand-new team in Valencia. The team will consist of a Team Lead, product owner, backend developer, automation QA engineer and an SRE.

Your team will ensure new products and services are brought to life using a cloud native tech stack. It will be awesome. LanguageWire development teams really like the Spotify Tribe approach, so check that out!

This position is in Valencia Spain and we are seriously expanding our footprint in that area – so come and be part of +100 co-wires!


  • Coaching, mentoring, proactive knowledge sharing
  • Promoting best practices and technology innovation
  • Doing code and design reviews for your colleagues
  • Creating a great product that customers love and want to have
  • Focusing on best user experience together with UX Designer
  • Building new functionalities from ground up and maintaining existing components
  • Creating flexible designs that fit well with overall architecture
  • Writing high quality code and automated tests


Technical Skills:

  • Solid knowledge of modern JavaScript
  • Proven experience in building enterprise apps using modern frameworks/libraries like Vue.js, Angular, React, Aurelia, with emphasis on Vue.js which is our primary frontend framework.

Personal Skills:

  • You are an expert in your key competences, your knowledge is both deep and broad
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge, and teaching your team members
  • You love working in a team, and focus on team success
  • You are passionate about technology; coding is not just work for you
  • You are willing to take ownership and responsibility for your work
  • You care deeply about the quality of your work
  • You are open minded, you accept ideas of others
  • You challenge your peers, ask questions and offer great ideas


  • Vue.js expertise
  • JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript 3
  • HTML5, CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS)
  • Webpack, npm, Node
  • Frontend testing (Cypress, Jest, Karma, Chai, Mocha, SinonJS, etc.)
  • Git
  • ELK Stack
  • Understanding of continuous integration & continuous delivery
  • Domain-driven design in depth


LanguageWire is a community where communication is open, informal and friendly. The fact that we respect each other personally and professionally promotes collaboration and a positive social environment. We celebrate success and giving and receiving feedback and recognition is a natural part of our corporate culture.

Technology is a big part of what keeps LanguageWire ahead of the competition, but we never forget it’s a business built and powered by people. We ensure that our entire team is happy in what they do, and everyone has the tools they need to achieve. Because at the end of the day, that’s why our customers love to work with us – they enjoy working with a team of enthusiastic people!


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