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Front-end Developer / Full-stack Developer Internship in London


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Job Description

This role is ideal for people interested in early stage startups and live events.

As a front-end developer, you will be crafting a beautiful web app offering delightful experience to our users. You will be working with Lubos (founder) and other hires (currently recruiting). The role is not strictly defined as you can imagine – ideally, I would prefer to split development into front-end and back-end – but there is scope to cover more responsibilities.

We currently use React with Redux (not fully integrated yet) and CSS modules. I have developed the MVP, but one person can only progress so far. There is a technical debt that needs to be reduced (test suites, documentation), as well as many new features to be developed. In the long-term, there is a great chance we will get to create more front-end goodies, but for now the focus is on this product.

- previous JavaScript, HTML and CSS experience
- ability to take full ownership of the front-end architecture
- interested in constantly learning and improving
- happy to work cross-functionally due to the nature of startups
- able to communicate with the rest of the team productively

Role Details:
- London based or remote (no timezone restriction)
- working directly with the team and having real impact on the product
- brainstorming features based on the user feedback, discussing milestones, roadmap
- participating in market research and translating user feedback into product requirements
- developing a web application running on both desktop and mobile
- developing SEO features to accommodate marketing needs, offline support, and browser notifications

- starts in January 2018
- length 12-24 weeks (depends on the agreement), possible extension
- minimum 2 days per week (equivalent of 16 hours)
- anything above that is welcome, but I understand you will have other responsibilities as well

- build an exciting product in a space where you get to deal with real humans
- you will have a direct impact on our product and culture, chance to learn from other team members
- our customers will depend on our product, so you will be able to see others use the results of your work every day
- in case of success, you will get to oversee an MVP turn into a sustainable business

About Warkk:
- please have a look at our website (
- view the presentation in the footer under Meet Warkk

How to Apply:
- please apply through AngelList only
- in your note, include what attracts you to this specific market
- be prepared to talk about your past experience, what you hope to get out of this opportunity and why
- there will be a role specific question (e.g. How would you do X? What would you change about Y?)
+ prepare at least 1 question about product/market/founder that isn't covered in this description

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to your applications. Good luck!

P.S. If I haven't covered something you need to know before applying, please email Apologies in advance.


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