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Job Description

We are Docplanner Phone, a new product that is currently finding its way into the healthcare market. You can catch a glimpse of it here. We benefit both from being an established company as well as acting as an independent startup.

We’re looking for an experienced Frontend Developer to join our team in Spain.

The recruitment and onboarding process is online, and #fully_remote (within Spain) is available. However, this colleague can travel to our offices in sunny Barcelona at least twice per year.

Why would you like to join us?

  • People: our team is about a dozen people — not only software engineers but the whole team responsible for the product development. We all wear many hats, and we all have a say in the final product. If you like working in an early-stage environment, this is something for you.
  • Product: we’re building an intermediary for an internet telephony system, so not yet another CRUD app. We might not be blockchain-based, but we operate at the junction of telecommunications, user experience, and marketing. We found our initial market fit, and we’re now in the growth phase with hundreds of clients across five markets.

You may be interested in the bigger picture, what values we live by, what problems we encounter at this scale, and generally get to know us better. You can do that by going to site.

Some details:

  • It’s a Vue.js application using a backend REST API (we’re not hip enough yet to use GraphQL).
  • The app is in an early stage — a little over 300 components so far. No legacy. We started the work last year.
  • We have some tests (both unit and integration) in jest, but probably something more sophisticated awaits us, probably cypress.
  • We benefit from continuous delivery — we deploy as soon as the code review is complete, and it’s all automated, of course.
  • There are a bunch of tools that would help us mature the app, but we’re waiting for you to integrate them :)


  • You need to be proficient enough to work independently on your tasks, share your ideas, and discuss solutions. That’s not an entry-level position.
  • You have experience working on web applications using modern Javascript frameworks (Vue.js, React, or Angular).
  • You can work in a team.

Nice to have:

  • You acknowledge the benefits Typescript can bring to our application.

What happens after you apply?

  • We interview you remotely, and it’s only Maciej (Fullstack Developer and a Team Leader) and Antonieta (Tech Talent Acquisition Partner) at this step. It will take about an hour. No coding, no hard questions, unless you ask some.
  • The second phrase is a homework assignment. You’ll have a couple of days to complete a task that shouldn’t take more than 6-10 hours, depending on your pace. Then you’ll have the chance to meet the team (still remotely!), present your solution, and learn how our typical day goes by. We want to get to know you better and show you our reality. Learn more here: Why I don’t believe in a “classic” recruitment approach
  • You always get detailed feedback from us, and you’ll hear about the final decision within a few days.
  • After you join us, you will benefit from flexible hours and working from home as long as this pandemic thing is upon us — and after that, it will be a team decision if we’d like to come back to the office and in what capacity.


You will get in return:

  • Competitive salary adequate to your experience and skills
  • Remote work (Work from home)
  • Private healthcare plan.
  • 23 paid holidays.
  • Additional paid holiday on your birthday/work anniversary to celebrate with your loved ones or to have a self-care day!
  • Share options plan after six months working with us.
  • Flexible working hours (plot twist: this is also true)
  • Relocation package (from a different city or country).
  • Access to hundreds of gyms in Barcelona or your place of residence for a symbolic fee in partnership with AndJoy
  • Summer schedule every day of July and August.
  • Free English/Spanish Classes

Important: Our recruitment team is international, representing various nationalities. Therefore, please be sure to send your CV in English.

Psst. Do you know that our Candidate Experience score is over 8.5 out of 10? We do our best to keep the quality of our recruitment processes high.


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