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Front-end Developer in Barcelona

Blackwood Seven

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Front-end developer in central Barcelona

Blackwood Seven is opening a development office in Barcelona, Spain. We are currently looking for three front-end or full stack developers to start as soon as possible. If you want to participate in building this new team and office, we would love to hear from you.

Are you a talented and creative front-end developer with knowledge of Angular.js or similar JavaScript frameworks? Do you have a passion for building stunning, intuitive and empowering user interfaces? Do you have the knack of making the complicated easy for the user? And most of all: Do you want to take a lead in making Blackwood Seven's web applications the best they can possibly be? Then you may be just the front- end developer we are re looking for.

Your primary work place will naturally be downtown Barcelona, but you can also expect some travel activity to our other vibrant offices in Copenhagen and Munich.

As a front-end developer, the front-end will probably be where your focus is, but we also value full stack knowledge, so the list of technologies you will be exposed to is long: If you have experience with some of the following, we will love you for it:

The way that we work is guided by some fundamental values:


We believe that our colleagues will do their best to perform their tasks and to realize Blackwood Seven’s goals. We believe that our colleagues are trustworthy, hard-working, and honest.

Equal worth

We believe that everyone has the same right to make and influence decisions. This means that we safely trust our colleagues to make the majority of the decisions relevant for the role they are filling in the team.


We believe that everyone needs full access to all knowledge in order to have the best possible basis for making decisions. We believe that they may have valuable ideas that we otherwise might miss.

So if you think that your code is yours, if you believe in formal roles and hierarchies and in control and registrations, then you will not like it here. On the other hand, if you share our values, love to be empowered and to empower your colleagues, admire the initiatives of others, love to help and be helped with tasks of all sorts, then you will fit right in!

  • Ad Tech

Blackwood Seven has developed the world’s first automated media allocation platform, which allows advertisers to plan and execute campaigns across all media groups – both on and offline – on the basis of performance data. Our vision is simple: to give insight and power back to advertisers in real time. We are now 175 people across offices in Copenhagen, Munich, Barcelona, New York, LA and London.

Official website, founding date, employees, how did it all begin... Do you know the whole story?

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