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Front-end Developer in Barcelona

ABA English

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Job Description

Welcome to ABA English, the full-digital academy specialized in English learning!

We know that any developer is always trying to be updated with the latest technologies regarding his/her professional career. From the ABA Frontend team and the whole company, we encourage our professionals to achieve their goals, combining their own success with the company's growth.

We are a young motivated team, dedicated to the product and the millions of users studying using our app.

We understand we have to give the best of ourselves as developers to create a great product. We are looking for you to join us in our cause.

About You:

  • You love to talk about testing with your colleagues and especially with the QA people.
  • You are worried about the way you create code and always looking to improve.
  • You are a communicative person who likes to reach agreements with your team.
  • As a software craftsperson, you will advocate and practice pair-programming, unit testing, refactoring, collective-code ownership, and continuous integration.
  • You want to be involved in all the development steps, from the inception of a new feature to its deployment with agile methodologies.
  • Diving into existing code isn't a challenge for you, and you're always willing to adapt it to your style for the better.
  • "Self-motivation" is part of your DNA. You're able to come up with or expand on a world-class idea and see it through.
  • You always leave the code better than you found it.

The Role:

Our product teams are composed of PO, UX, frontend, backend, and mobile developers to deliver value to the user at the end of every sprint. As a frontend developer, you will be part of a product team, and also you will work with your frontend co-workers in the chapter where you will help define a technical roadmap to improve the tech and product teams.

We hope you play on these teams as a team worker.

Technologies We Use:

You can solve technical problems equally well with OO, DOM, or functional JS. Demonstrate real proficiency in writing in plain JavaScript. We use React, but we value solid JavaScript skills first and foremost.

You rock-on if you know:

-React and Redux





Interesting links:

We want you to reach us and "feel" our great culture:    

  • A transparent work environment with diverse, autonomous, and goal-focused teams.
  • An international, vibrant, and fast-paced company.
  • Spanish and English classes for everyone.


  • Flexible working hours.
  • Half/day Fridays.
  • Team building activities.
  • Flexible Retribution (food check, transport check, kindergarten check, and health insurance).
  • You'll enjoy a longer maternity/paternity leave.
  • Extended holidays.

About ABA English


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