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Experienced Full Stack Rails Developer in Barcelona or Remote

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We are looking for a talented full stack developer to work with our team on a variety of projects.

Our company is the market leading website for Spanish real estate aimed at foreign buyers and we are quickly expanding into a number of other markets.

You will be building and maintaining numerous customer-facing and internal services.

The key skills we are looking for are:

  • Advanced-level Ruby on Rails.
  • A mentality of testing code thoroughly.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and highly driven.
  • Solid ES6 knowledge. Experience with React and Redux not a requirement but a definite bonus.

We have the following preferences when it comes to the Rails stack:

  • We host on Heroku, so as much as possible we use services, such as Postgres, that are part of their default stack and follow the 12 factor app principles.
  • We prefer rendering HTML on the server and then using Javascript to make gradual improvements to the user experience.
  • Namespaces and Engines are great ways to organise code.
  • We like small services and to leverage SOA.
  • Since we have small services, we reuse a lot of code, create a number of internal gems, and enjoy open sourcing them when possible.

The types of services we maintain are:

  • Frontend Search Engine Apps
  • Data import/export Services
  • Administration Tools
  • Analytics

You will be working in a friendly and international team of developers and designers who all have a  strong commitment to productivity and excellence. You we will be expected to pick up the same mindset.

If you would like to work with us, please include the following in your application:

  1. A cover letter describing why you would be a good fit to work with us.
  2. Link to your Github profile.
  3. A code sample (Github or attached) in either Ruby/Rails or React. Please describe in your own words why you picked these samples to share.
  4. A list of 10 commit messages for recent work that you performed. This can be in the form of a link to a commits page on GitHub (for a public project) OR copy and paste the text output from `git log -n 10` in your application.

Please include your answers to these points at the top of your application. Incomplete applications will be discarded off the bat.

This position is full-time and 100% remote, but you will be required to be present in our Slack channel during European business hours.

Sorry, but we will not accept any applications from agencies.

Thank you!



  • Real Estate

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