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DevOps Engineer in Madrid


20,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a highly skilled and motivated professional that can collaborate with engineering, QA, product, support and IT staff to manage code releases, implement new development and testing processes and ensure we deliver best-of-class quality software to our clients.
This is a unique career opportunity, as Nexthink is building a Cloud platform and staffing a new team for it. You’ll be part of this and responsible for setting up deployment automation as well as continuous integration, testing and delivery. You will also be responsible for setting up release monitoring tools and ensure the product goes live on time, with the required quality, ensuring security compliance and without disrupting of the service.


Responsible for the release process, guaranteeing that the releases meet the quality standards and deploying new versions of the product
Implementing continuous delivery, infrastructure as code, virtualization and high availability
Implementing and improving tooling, technologies and processes to support the automation and configuration of builds, deployment and testing infrastructures (Jenkins pipelines, Docker, Swarm, Consul, Packer, Terraform, Vagrant, Ansible)
Be able to build a vision, create a plan and help in the technical implementation
Make the technical liaison between development, quality assurance, product management and technical support
Coordinate between development and operation teams to optimize continuous delivery processes and make sure we deliver the highest quality in production
Mentor teams in good practices in source code control and organization
Monitor build tools and maintain release calendars
Seniority level: Mid-Senior Level

Function: Engineering


About Nexthink

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