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DevOps Engineer (m/f) in Berlin


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Job Description

The position

We are looking for a smart, self-motivated DevOps engineer to strengthen our development team. Your work directly impacts the platform that is used by thousands of bloggers. You are curious about infrastructure as code and you believe that operations and development are tightly coupled.

You’re going to work on the whole platform’s microservice architecture and infrastructure. Building a solid foundation for further growth and a stable platform. You are always keen to challenge the existing and try to improve it by making technical decisions and introducing best practices.

Furthermore, you enjoy working in a small team that tries to operate agile and without much overhead. Having result-oriented discussions with your peers to find the best solutions is your daily routine.

About You

  • You should have experience running Node.js services in production.
  • Running scalable services / infrastructure on AWS is not new to you.
  • You have a good coding background. The skill set has shifted due to the DevOps movement.
  • You have a good understanding of modern cloud infrastructure best practices.
  • Having experience with Docker would be a big plus.
  • You care about software and solutions: “How it is done is as important as having it done”.
  • You are a self-structured engineer. We have a clear goal and vision and you can help us make it happen.
  • You leave no stone left unturned when you are on the hunt for solutions. New problems occur every day and sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to solve them.
  • You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience among the team.
  • You don’t accept the given - you strive always for innovative solutions that pushes the company and your peers.

What technology do we use?

Our services are mainly built upon node.js; running on AWS; following the microservice approach (more or less ;) ). We currently use OpsWorks for our deployments and Travis CI as our quality gatekeeper. We try to deploy as much as possible and therefore, we need solid quality mechanisms. Opscode Chef is our tool for infrastructure automation at the moment.

Furthermore, we utilize MySQL, Redis, CloudWatch and other nice external SaaS solutions, like Compose or Sentry.

Your benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • 10% time policy: You are free to work 10% of your time on open source, blog articles and other fancy ideas and stuff. Check out our engineering blog.
  • Working in a startup which supports bloggers turning their passion into a business
  • Building the foundation for a globally scalable product
  • Freedom to bring in your ideas and vision
  • Working with bleeding edge technologies


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