Deep Learning Engineer in Paris


28,000 - €70,000
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Job Description

Deep-Learning Engineer (R&D and Benchmarks)
This position is responsible for bringing visibility to UpStride by showing how much better we are across several deep-learning applications. You will be working in the R&D and Benchmarks Unit, which is focused on creating value to our clients by providing crystal-clear evidence that UpStride improves the performance of their deep-learning systems.

The tasks you are going to be working on:
 Benchmarks of several deep-learning applications across several industries (notably, Automobile: ADAS, autonomous driving, Satellite imagery, 2D and 3D image compression)
 Write white papers
 Publications in conferences/journals
 Link with academic community

UpStride takes computation to a whole new dimension. Datatype-based optimization opens the field for fascinating further developments wherever Deep Learning may be used.
We are looking for engineers and developers excited to work on our technology and to bring its power to the world.
Competitive salary depending on experience

About UpStride

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