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DBA Expert (or wannabe!) in PostgreSQL in Madrid


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Job Description

Are you ready to hipervitamine the databases of some of the most important companies in the world? Do you want to enter the team that did Blackberry’s live migration from Oracle to Postgres? Do you think you can add your point of view as a DBA to the design of some of the products that will revolutionize PostgreSQL’s market in the next months or years? And do you want to do that in a PostgreSQL-leading Spanish startup? Then read a little bit more, these could be some very precious minutes ;)

What are we looking for?

The will to learn and improve, motivation and compromise.

We don’t expect you to know Postgres source code, but that you want to learn and build a professional technical career, and believe us, here you learn a lot.

We are in the seek of someone who knows these concepts, maybe not at the 100%, but with a certain level:

  • Being able to administer PostgreSQL, feeling comfortable when solving its most common problems (configuring postgresql.conf, querying the catalogs, vacuum, checkpoints) and the ecosystem of DBA tools around
  • SQL: sometimes we need to improve our customers’ queries, so you should control SQL
  • Linux: as you might imagine, our customers use Linux in their servers, so you should be fluent with it
  • You have fought with AWS or GCP

Judging DBA’s by their years of experience is not our style; what we’re really after is someone who possesses some knowledge and is willing to go deeper. But if you’re a real expert on PostgreSQL, contact us either way

Extra balls

These skills not only give you extra points, but also we promise that here you will learn/master them:

  • Advanced knowledge on SQL: isolation levels, window functions, CTE’s and recursive queries, mastering EXPLAIN, partitioning…
  • Advanced knowledge on PostgreSQL administration: HA, postgresql.conf advanced tuning, logical decoding, sysctl/SO/filesystem tuning, and many more
  • PostgreSQL ecosystem: tools that aren’t part of PostgreSQL but are necessary to work with it. If you’re familiar with pg_stat_statements, PgBouncer, Patroni, pgBackRest, etc, this is your place in the world
  • Can you read PostgreSQL source code? Sometimes, it’s necessary in order to understand its behaviour. Luckily we work with open source software!
  • Infrastructure as code: we automate everything, be it with CloudFormation, GCP, Ansible, Terraform…
  • Experience in support: it’s not necessary to have done support before, but if you are aware of the classical problems that may arise, then this extra point is yours
  • Linux advanced concepts
  • General development/IT knowledge: we want you to contribute you PostgreSQL/support expertise to the process of designing features for our new products. For this it would be good if you were aware of general concepts of development such as:
    • REST APIs, HTTP, etc
    • Risks with concurrent programming
    • In-memory processing
    • etc
  • We dockerize things. Mostly in the development part, but it would be nice if you knew Docker, really.
  • English: almost all our customers are worldwide English-speaking companies. We program in English. Many meetings are in English. We write documentation in English. Maybe the day after tomorrow the language in the office is English. But if you don’t know enough, we will help you with everything you need.

Who are we?

OnGres, a startup that means “On top of PostGreSQL”, in case you hadn’t noticed. Our vocation is clear: do R&D to build very innovative projects on PostgreSQL ecosystem, the trendiest and most powerful open source database in the world. We have a project pipeline featuring areas such as high availability, in-memory processing, distributed databases…

We also offer professional support in PostgreSQL services, with a dedicated team, which allows us to interact and learn from the needs of our clients, many of which are worldwide companies.

We love open source software, we develop open source software, and we’re very active and famous in PostgreSQL community. In fact, we’re the founders of PostgreSQL Spain, with more than 750 people, and we organize PostgreSQL talks (several of them are intended for 2018).

Should you be attracted by this opportunity? Why?

  • We’ll pay you over market. We hate not to be more specific on the salary, but we really prefer to know you before. There are no tricks, we pay well :)
  • Many additional perks, such as:
    • Flexible schedule (our Spanish daily is done at 10:30 AM, so we’re sure everyone can attend it).
    • Remote work: you can work from home whenever you want to.
    • Holidays: they’re not requested, but rather notified
    • Work environment: we’ve got an arcade machine. This doesn’t seem to mean anything per se, so let’s put it this way: we’re the kind of company that has an arcade machine, and many other things in our office.
    • We speak at events, many times, and we’ll encourage you to do so.
    • Travelling: sometimes we go around the world programming. We’ve recently attended the European PostgreSQL conference in Poland, the whole company :)
  • Because of the environment in which we move, you can deduce that our daily demands in terms of the size of the projects in which we are involved are quite large, and therefore you will learn a lot and you will make a big leap in your career
  • We’re up to date in technology. That’s why many of our products are developed in Java 10 and PostgreSQL 10. But not only that: in your daily work you will be hearing concepts like “distributed databases”, “consensus algorithm”, “Jepsen”, CAP… (in addition to the typical buzzwords that you would hear in any startup).
  • In case you’re not agile, you will be converted to agilism. Unless you show us there’s something better

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