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Data Solutions Designer in Barcelona


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Job Description

Addressing some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as providing food or distributing energy for nine billion people without depleting resources, requires real-time planet-scale data and some very smart algorithms deciding from this data. Do you want to get your hands in these huge amounts of information? Do you want to discover and understand stuff about our planet that nobody has seen before? Do you want to help design and implement the intelligence that will enable this understanding? Do you want to send this intelligence to space??? If these questions give you an irresistible urge to learn more about the team already doing this, you might want to continue reading.

About the company

  • Founded in 2011, Satellogic builds and operates a fleet of small satellites to produce affordable commercial-grade Earth data for daily decision making in a range of industries. The goal is to leverage this unique dataset to enable real-time understanding of the planet.
  • In 2017, with the first satellites of our constellation already up and running, Satellogic decided to also place the focus on value creation. The Data Science and Solutions (DSS) team was formed to build the company’s data science platform and develop our data-centric solution portfolio.
  • We will initially focus on the challenges faced by the Agriculture, Energy, Financial and Government sectors. Satellogic also has a commitment to science and social impact where we work closely with research partners in academy and institutions developing longer term solutions and insights.
  • Some of our team members have already built leading data science platforms that have disrupted major industries. We are world-recognized experts in machine learning, computer vision, parallel data architectures, service design, etc.  
  • The DSS team will be based in Barcelona but will work closely with the other teams in South America, Israel and the US as well as with the broader development and research communities.

About the job

We have tons of data and way more challenges than solutions. Farmers want to increase their production in a sustainable way, energy companies have valuable remote assets that require constant monitoring, governments need to increase their efficiency and transparency, companies require a growing amount of global intelligence to inform their decisions, the world needs first hand knowledge of the social and economic impact of a changing environment in order to act accordingly, etc.

Transforming our data into information that supports and automates all these decisions requires the development of large-scale data environments, building models and developing algorithms that learn from geolocated visual data.

The DSS team is responsible for the development of both the customer solutions and the data platform that supports the development and delivery of these solutions. To do this, the team needs to combine quick understanding and prototyping when new opportunities arise with a platform approach that prioritizes the replicability, scalability and automation of our data & intelligence pipeline.

Our team is expected to be up to date on the most recent technical breakthroughs in our field of work and, for those with a knack for research, we encourage continued collaboration with the research community. Many of the challenges and constraints we face are not only new to us but also new to the world and our team is expected to have the drive and tools to face those challenges head on.

We mainly hire in three distinct roles, data scientist, data developer and data solutions designer, but we expect that the individual responsibilities arise from the intersection of our needs as described above and your skills & motivation.

About you

Above all, you are interested in a range of world issues, are eager to learn and cannot resist trying to solve a challenging problem. You are used to formulating hypotheses, setting up experiments and iterating on results. You understand the balance between scientific perfection and real-world requirements.

You will have had proven development experience and see coding as a key means to validate your ideas. You either love programming and speak statistics or you love stats and code decently. Neither one is not an option. You have dealt with or even implemented large-scale databases on distributed environments. You are aware, from your own experience, of the opportunities and limitations of machine learning and can design experiments accordingly. You might have even taught computers how to understand images and are aware of the main challenges they pose.

You might like working alone or enjoy teamwork but regardless of your personal working dynamics we need that all other team members are enriched by your presence and learn from your experience.

You are clear and engaging in your internal and external communications and have excellent english skills. You can easily put yourself in the place of the customer.

As a Data Solutions Designer we expect that some of these skills are developed more in depth. Mainly, proven experience of design thinking within data product development teams. Ability to understand customer needs and translate into technology and data requirements. Inversely, ability to understand opportunities underlying data and translate into new experiences addressing concrete needs. UX design is a plus.


About Satellogic

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