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Data Scientist in Madrid

Olympic Channel Services

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Job Description

The Olympic Channel is a multi-platform global media destination where fans can discover, engage and share in the power of sport and the excitement of the Olympic Games all year round. Offering original programming, news, live sports events and highlights, the Olympic Channel provides additional exposure for sports and athletes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in 12 languages. The Olympic Channel was launched in August 2016 in support of the IOC’s goal, set out in Olympic Agenda 2020, of providing a new way to engage younger generations, fans and new audiences with the Olympic Movement. Founding Partners supporting the Olympic Channel are Worldwide TOP Partners Bridgestone, Toyota and Alibaba. The Olympic Channel is available worldwide at, its mobile apps and on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and the Roku platform.

Job Description

Ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the Olympic Channel is looking for Data Scientists to join our growing Digital Data & Analytics team based in Madrid. You will have the opportunity to work at the intersection of Data, Sport and Media across the Olympic digital ecosystem comprising the OC, Olympic and alongside the sites and apps of Tokyo 2020.

Our team is responsible for a wide range of data-related activities that aim to increase fan engagement with the Olympics. Activities include:

  • Using data to answer critical business questions, such as which content we should focus on, or how to better engage our fans, including advanced forecasting techniques.
  • Measuring business performance and providing recommendations to decision-makers
    Help to drive the digital strategy of the IOC
  • Production models that deliver high profile product features to users across the world, including during the Olympic Games, based on personalization algorithms.
  • Fan data architecture and integration
  • We are a dynamic, informal and multicultural team of specialists so far from 13 different countries with a range of skills from data, statistics, and engineering to business communications and project management. We highly value diversity of background and perspective and are striving for a gender balanced team. We work in close collaboration with colleagues who are experts in areas such as editorial, marketing, commercial, product and technical delivery. Our working language is English and our preferred communication tool is Slack. Sharing knowledge, contrasting opinions and challenging each other is highly encouraged.


    As part of the Olympic Channel digital data and analytics team, you contribute to our work by developing data-driven and actionable takeaways. We see this job as a possibility to employ a broad spectrum of different skills and tools, ranging from data analysis, data visualisation, data modelling to data science, all with the goal of answering business questions and delivering business value. While we expect that few candidates can cover all aspects of this spectrum, we encourage candidates to become a full-stack data scientist within our organisation.

    We work across the full Olympic digital ecosystem including apps, websites, TV and social media. Potential projects include omnichannel personalization across our suite of websites & apps as well as paid marketing, email, and push personalization, experimentation including A/B testing, applied machine learning, predictive modelling – all with a goal of better getting to know the Olympic Fans around the world and to serve them the best experience we possibly can.

    Your work will also feed into our data infrastructure decisions, our contribution to data compliance, resilience and security, machine learning and projects for decision making, providing business value by collaborating with a plethora of partners and reporting for top management.

    We’re always learning. You will have both the opportunity and the responsibility to continually grow your knowledge and skills, with dedicated learning days, and to help the team and the wider channel continue to learn about how to make the most of data in a continuously evolving field.


    Skills and requirements

  • Exploratory data analysis using R or Python. One of the languages has to be mastered and it is expected you have a basic understanding of the other.
  • Ability to work in a quick-paced environment and lead regular interaction with stakeholders, translating business requirements into actionable analyses.
  • Written and verbal communication skills around explaining data driven insights to non-data specialists.
  • Demonstrated skills in collecting, aggregating, analysing, interpreting and presenting data.
  • Proactive, engaged, enthusiastic learner and willingly getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Experience in working with Frequentist and Bayesian (statistical) approaches, clustering techniques and Machine Learning algorithms, including but not limited to, linear regression, PCA, KMeans, MCMC, Random Forests and Neural Networks.
  • Feel comfortable in version control using Git and in Cloud environments like AWS.
  • Fluent in oral and written English, comparable to C1 proficiency.
  • It is also beneficial, but not required, to have experience in:

  • Experimental design, in any field, including the process of framing a problem, formulating and testing hypotheses.
  • Evaluation and iteration of prediction models.
  • Formulating queries in SQL.
  • And interest in:

  • Practical applications of deep learning techniques.
  • Sports, Media, and the Olympic Movement.
  • We gladly welcome candidates who do not have all the requirements listed above to apply to this position since we are recruiting data scientists at a range of different experience levels. Likewise, we will ensure that successful candidates are engaged in a range of projects that are challenging and help to expand their skills.

    Workplace and Environment

  • Fast paced work environment;
  • 35 hours per week and shift covering during different periods before, during and after Gamestime or other relevant events.
  • Subject to national/international criminal background checks;
  • The position is based in Madrid and extends until end of 2021. Alternatively, remote freelance contracts are also considered.

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