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Data Scientist / Data Analyst in Madrid or Remote


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Job Description

At Intelygenz, we envision a future where processes accelerate performance. For the companies we work with, this means finding ways to optimize their data using cutting-edge technologies like A.I. enabled automation.

To achieve this vision, we need the brightest people in business, tech, and analytics – working together to deliver groundbreaking solutions that transform how businesses work. We’re on a continuous journey to build this dream team, and are always looking for talented people that share our goals and passion for technology.

This mindset is a huge part of our culture. We thrive on pooling our skills, collaborating on projects, helping one another learn, and creating new innovations. If you join our team, you’ll be working alongside highly-skilled tech lovers with a multitude of different specialisms. Outside of our projects, we host training, events, retreats and the occasional happy hour – all of which are a huge part of life at Intelygenz.

We’re looking for Data Scientists who are evolving to take on more responsibilities in Data Science techniques, at the same time bringing experience in working in big data environments and data analytics tasks, capable of learning in a friendly collaborative environment, and eager to face amazing data challenges.


Would be very cool if you:

  • Have a Computer Science background.

  • Demonstrable knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Minimum of two years experience in working on data-based projects.

  • Large experience with Python 3

  • Experience with cleaning tools and techniques, and data pre-processing.

  • Experience with libraries and frameworks like Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, PyTorch/Tensorflow.

  • English native speaker or 4 years of experience working in an only English context.

  • Strong self-taught and proactivity capabilities.

  • Problem-solving and autonomy when facing new challenges.

Nice to have

  • Statistics and Computer Science background.

  • Demonstrable knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Experience in working on data-based projects.

  • Experience with Python performing exploratory and analysis tasks.

  • Experience with the main ecosystem of libraries for working with data: Numpy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn

  • Experience with data cleaning and pre-processing.

  • Experience creating interactive data visualizations (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, ...?)

  • Fluent in English for day-to-day, customer meetings, and reporting.

  • Strong self-taught and proactivity capabilities.

  • Problem-solving and autonomy when facing new challenges.

A Plus if you Have:

  • Know Docker and/or Kubernetes.

  • Comfortable with TDD.

  • Comfortable with CI/CD environments.

  • Other programming languages: Node.js, C/C++, or Java.

  • Ability to adapt to different environments and projects.

  • Masters degree in Data Science or Artificial Intelligence.

  • Experience applying state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence techniques.

  • Experience in software projects beyond data science.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Work with very big datasets

  • Analyze and find correlations and patterns in data

  • Extract relevant information and insights from data

  • Work with business roles to deliver business value

  • Create visualizations for a better understanding of data

Why Intelygenz?

  • Flexible working hours for a real work-life balance
  • 100% freedom to work from anywhere you’d like - from your home, our office, or even from a tropical island!
  • Specific career plans for horizontal and vertical growth. Let your motivations do the talking!
  • Mentoring to help you grow in your career
  • Teamwork and feedback culture
  • English and Spanish language classes with up to 60% of costs covered by us
  • Plenty of happy hours, retreats and events with us (post-Covid)
  • One hour per week to take part in continuous tech training programs with your co-workers
  • Access to physical and mental wellness initiatives
  • 50% health insurance coverage
  • Flexible retribution for transport, kindergarten, and restaurant meals
  • A free Intelygenz t-shirt every anniversary


About Intelygenz

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Madrid, Spain

  • 50-200

  • 2002

We’re developers, life-long learners, geeks and visionaries - a company of technicians who create software and AI that help take businesses to the next level. We aim to create agile technology that gives you the competitive edge.

With 16 years’ experience and a 100% track record, we deliver technology that genuinely helps people and their businesses. Our work is executed with cutting-edge code, offers measurable ROI, and is guided by professional account and client management. We put 20% of our resources into thought-provoking research, and are always open to new ideas and methodologies. We pride ourselves on being bold, honest and authentic.

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