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At HP, talent is our criteria. Join us in reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion. Bring your awesomeness, and just be you!

EMEA Data Scientist

Job Description

At HP, we believe in the power of ideas. We use ideas to put technology to work for everyone. And we believe that ideas thrive best in a culture of teamwork. That is why everyone - at every level in every function, is encouraged to have original ideas, to express them and to share them. We trust anything can be achieved if you really believe in it, and we will invest in your ideas to change lives and the way people work. This vision is what sets us apart as a company. At HP we work across borders, and without limits. Global virtual teams share resources and pool their big ideas to solve business issues and meet personal goals. Everyone is valued for the unique skills, experiences and perspective they bring. That’s how we work at HP. And this is how ideas and people grow.

This Data Scientist position is open in the EMEA & WW supply chain analytics team within the Customer Support organization.

This role is a very critical role with high visibility. The Data Scientist is responsible for modeling complex problems, discovering insights and identifying patterns or trends through the use of statistical, mining and visualization techniques. In addition to advanced analytic skills, this role is also proficient at integrating and preparing large, varied datasets and communicating results. She / he works closely with internal business customers, team managing databases and project/program managers, to turn data into critical information and knowledge that can be used to make business decisions. Other responsibilities include providing data that is accurate and reliable. Innovation is valued to find ways to look at problems by using data mining approaches on available information in order to discover new patterns from large datasets. She / he validates her/his findings using an experimental and iterative approach. Also, he / she needs to be able to present back the analysis or models/tools to the business by exposing their assumptions and validation work in a way that can be easily understood by their business counterparts. She / he demonstrates great business focus, strong analytical and problem solving skills and programming knowledge to be able to quickly identify data sets to be transformed into actionable insights. Excellent communications skills to report back the outcome of the work in a clear and structured manner are required. Strong ability to team work and to partner with other teams is crucial.

Key Job specifics/responsibilities

  • Conduct advanced data analysis
  • Develop innovative and effective approaches to solve analytics problems and communicate results and methodologies.
  • Expert in developing advanced reporting and analysis tools utilizing Advanced Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel and other MS Office applications
  • Need to know Power BI & Tableau basic development skills
  • Knowledge of SharePoint/SQL is a must
  • Ability to translate business needs to technical requirements, propose and validate solutions.
  • Test hypotheses and build models (Statistical and Predictive and prescriptive modeling)
  • Apply advanced statistical and predictive modeling techniques to build, maintain, and improve decision systems.
  • Able to communicate technical details with clarity to various stakeholders
  • Proposes corrective action plans to business, management and stakeholders based on data insights
  • Supports quality improvement projects aiming at improving operational excellence and cost efficiency;
  • Use statistical methodologies (Regression, Forecasting, …), machine Learning, analytical tools (Clustering, Basket analysis, Decision trees, Random forest etc.) to
  • Finally share clearly analysis outcome by adapting to the audience. Explain simply the complex. Gain trust & confidence by sharing details without losing your stakeholders.

Skills (procedures and documents the employee has to be acquainted with)

  • Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplot, Sci Kit learn
  • Maths (Matrices, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability)
  • Statistical Techniques
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel and Access (Arrays, VBA etc.)
  • Knowledge of SQL is preferred
  • Other skills needed
  • Sharp Analytical skills. Well organizationed. Logical thinking.
  • Fluent in written and verbal English; Excellent business communication skills and presentation skills
  • Willing to drive the change, willing to take on new challenges
  • Self-starter with proactive (result driven) attitude; Detail oriented person;
  • Strong ability to operate effectively within a virtual (cross-cultural) team - able to lead remote, virtual teams
  • Ability to work with different cultures across teams
  • Project management skills - ability to work on problems/projects of diverse complexity and scope
  • Ability to manage stakeholder relationships;
  • Ability to influence others, Strong team collaborations skills


Master (at minimum) degree in Statistics/Analytics preferred, MBA, Compute science.


Barcelona or Sofia

Entity Code: F9



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