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50,000 - €66,000
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Job Description

The success of Shedd is built on heaps and heaps of data. Data is great, but truth to be told, it’s only as good as the architecture it lives in and the algorithms processing it. As Shedd is scaling up within current markets and expanding to five new markets, they are creating a new role for a Data Scientist. The Data Scientist will design and develop the data architecture and algorithms to power the future business platform. Recommendation engines, automated personalized customer lifecycle treatments and automated fraud detection are high on the wish list for algorithms at the moment.

The Data Scientist will closely collaborate with the Product and Business teams to identify and develop novel Data Science applications for a fast and social digital marketplace. The Shedd way of working is super agile, so when experimenting with new data science applications, the Data Scientist will quickly iterate development and testing.

The Data Scientist will also collaborate with global and regional OLX Data Science teams. Their experience with wider classifieds Data Science applications is a goldmine. The challenge for the Shedd Data Scientist is to use their learnings to build applications (such as recommendation algorithms) that are suitable to the challenges of a fashion marketplace (e.g. minimal cold start problem, accommodating implicit ratings etc.). The Data Scientist will also design and develop a data architecture for Shedd which will enable live deployment of online machine learning techniques.

What We're Building

Shedd is an app for buying and selling pre-adored fashion.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Our ambitions are significantly bigger. We believe fashion is just the start. The goal has always been to make better use of the world's possessions. What we do after revolutionising the way the planet consume fashion with a heavy bias to minimalism and access over ownership is up to you.


About Shedd

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