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60,000 - €70,000
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Opsly is a startup developing a SaaS tool in the cloud market space that uses automation to save time & money for huge businesses. At this stage, our MVP is built and is starting to gain traction with customers. Looking for seed investment by February to build the product further and start generating revenue.

The tool is designed to make Cloud simpler and faster for your business. Our tool allows you drag and drop components to Opsly designer and it will suggest how to connect the components with infrastructure-as-code (IAC) generated in real-time. Languages supported: Terraform, AWS Cloudformation, Azure Resource Manager, Google Deployment Manager.

Start by connecting a cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba, Heroku, DigitalOcean) and deploy your design in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, connect to a GitHub account and push the infrastructure-as-code directly to Git.

If you already have a bunch of infrastructure-as-code in your GitHub, Opsly will integrate your code to visualise cloud architecture diagrams, design infrastructure-as-code with drag-drop components and predict your cloud costs on our multi-cloud platform.

As a CTO, you will have tremendous ownership and responsibility for the development and technology stack of an early-stage product. The ideal candidate must have a strong technical background together with great management skills to build the product and manage a team of senior full-stack developers. The individual will also work closely with the founder who has 3+ years experience in cloud and 6+ years in developing products.

Skills you must have:

- Minimum 6 years of experience\
- Team-player and great communication skills
- Hard-working and goal-oriented
- Independent and self sufficient individual
- A degree level education in a tech-related subject

- Cloud Architecture fundamentals in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
- Lots of Infrastructure-as-Code experience (Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure RM, Google DM)
- React.JS/ReactNative
- Node.JS
- Front-end
- HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
- Advanced Database knowledge (NoSQL, SQL)
- Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms
- REST APIs, Lambda, Docker, Serverless
- Linting/Testing frameworks

- Experienced in building enterprise-scale products


About Opsly

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