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CTO / Co-Founder: Full-Stack Web-Dev w/ Product-Customer-Focus in Berlin


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Neuform is a Manufacturing-as-a-Service Startup based in Berlin and Shanghai. We work on making Chinese Manufacturing accessible through online systems. We are in an early funding / late-MVP stage.

We are looking for a generalist to fill a CTO role, possibly as a co-founder. Your job will be to build the web-portal, the software core of our product. This should be done with a clear focus on the user/market and usability, think equally CTO and CPO. You should be able to understand/learn what the user needs, design a matching UX, and implement it.
We are looking for a general understanding of all relevant technologies, but don't have to be able to execute everything by yourself, broadth > depth.

- building the web portal where users can place orders for their items
- over the coming years growing this portal into a full-fledged digital supply-chain hub
- moving from bootstrapping into building and managing a team
- bridging marketing/user and our supply-chain

- user focus (we want to build beautiful things that excite the user, not tech for the sake of itself)
- UX/UI Design (going from user journey to front-end)
- full-stack web development (with experience in building complex web systems)
- project management (having built / managed a team of developers)
- strategic thinking (an intuitive understanding of where to aim at; when to focus on what; what to outsource/do yourself)

- pareto: 80>100
- speed: moving fast the only way to get there
- experimenting: no better/faster way to find out what works
- focus: know what we can do well and go all in
- chaos: we cant control everything, let's watch and learn

- the fun and excitement of being involved in a global early-stage startup
- the opportunity to join and grow a post-MVP-startup that already validated main points
- strong result-driven approach
- flexible working hours and location (you should be able to spend the majority of your time in Berlin or Shanghai)
- office space in Berlin or Shanghai
- a business model with entry barriers, and a team that can execute it.
- low initial salary (ok thats not really a perk) in line with the rest of the team. Will go up to market level within 1 year. Equity.

- if this excites you, drop us a note at together with a brief CV and some examples of what you've been working on. Please line out what interests you about this job, and what is important to you for your next position
- if we see a match, we'll schedule a call and run through all relevant aspects in more detail.


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