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At Itnig we are looking for a full-time CTO to work for a fast-growing, innovative product. We are looking for someone brilliant and intelligent, with experience and expertise. Someone who loves to stay on touch with new technologies and wants to create a revolutionary product with us.

We are an Internet startup builder based in Barcelona that strives to give value and attract the most talented performers in Europe, with whom we want to keep building the Internet companies of the future.

Itnig is an ecosystem shared by Internet startups such as Camaloon, Quipu, Playfulbet, Parkimeter or Gymforless where different shared activities like conferences, debates, workshops, sports or afterworks take place every week. A multicultural environment that helps fostering collaboration and learning.


We offer the freedom to lead our product, not only implementing clever and efficient solutions but also designing the big-picture architecture. We expect incredible knowledge hunger too but, above all, critical thinking and the ability to be a problem-solver.

We are writing our frontend as a client-side application with EmberJS. Our backend stack includes Ruby on Rails, RSpec, MySQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Javascript, Memcached, Semaphore, Capistrano, and the integration with several APIs, amongst several more.

We are focused on code quality, efficiency, readibility and, last but not least, scalability. Of course, everything leaned to solve our customer needs!

We also give the chance to learn from other really good and experienced developers and be near an energical startup accelerator: itnig.


What we offer:

- Provide you with continuous challenge and space for learning.

- Participation in the technological and business decision making.

- Agile tasks distribution, with daily deploys.

- Flexible schedule (but should be based in Barcelona).

- Broad and diverse start-up ecosystem that provides much more than a job experience.


- Ping pong championships - we have our own ping pong table at the office!

- Itnig Breakfasts every Tuesday

- Summer BBQs

- Team Lunch on Fridays

- Afterwork Beers

- Afterwork activities such as Laser tag, Poker, Table games or LAN Parties

- Conferences, events and workshops onsite

Don't miss the opportunity to contribute to our challenging project as part of a great team of developers!


About Itnig

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