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Core Tech Engineer in Amsterdam


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Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for engineers that are passionate about creative tools, product design and high quality interfaces. If you have a background in formal computer science topics like language design, compiler design and type inferencing, this role is possibly a good fit for you. Please apply with recent work, GitHub projects that you’re proud of or open source contributions.

We are looking for someone that can work hard, but also keep sane hours. Someone with great ideas, strong opinions, but also knows how to ship, a maker. Someone who takes responsibility, in and outside of defined roles to make themselves vital to the company, and to grow into senior roles quickly.

  • Maintain and extend our CoffeeScript type inferencer
  • Optimize our environment for people that want to learn programming
  • Invent a way where specific states of code can be expressed and changed with a graphical interface
  • Optimize the programming language and model for building prototypes with animations and interaction
  • Invent a better way to organize code for larger projects than just files
  • Make a great text editor auto-complete that takes user-intent and the current code context into account


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