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Community Manager in London


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Job Description

Description of the role

You will be the face of our company to our annotator community, managing communications in both directions as we grow our promise to enable experts to use their knowledge to make media better.

What you'll be doing

- You'll forge partnerships with diverse expert communities that can help label data to build unique machine learning models
- You'll be responsible for growing our annotated data pipeline, and ensuring that a steady stream of labelled data comes through from experts.
- You'll deal with any issues arising as we grow our expert community, tackling things like diversity, processes for dealing with abuse and malicious content, verification process.
- You'll help keep our community active and engaged with the company through communications, events, etc.
- You'll be a champion for our users, feeding ideas and concepts from the community back into our UI and front end team, and building constructive engagement.
- You'll help us to understand our users, through regular reporting and analytics.
- You'll help us grow our expert annotators base by forging key connections with core personas - journalists, academics, domain experts and news enthusiasts - who can start to use the Factmata annotation platform.
- In the longer term, you'll help design and staff processes for dealing with user-generated content and the issues arising from it.

What we're looking for

- Built journalist and publisher communities, or any web community, forums or community site [required]
- You have a passion for current affairs and news discussion, and understand people who feel the same. [required]
- You care about truth, and abhor fake news. [required]
- You're a first class writer and communicator. [required]
- You have some experience of PR and social media. [required]
- You're innovative and resourceful, able to achieve the maximum impact with limited resources. [required]
- You have some background in analytics, and an ability to mine statistics about our users to gain key insights. [optional]
- You are well known in the journalist space [optional]
- You have shipped or managed user tools for journalists [optional]
- You've done investigative or fact checking work yourself [optional]


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