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Cofounder - CTO in Barcelona

Co-Creative Universe

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Job Description

Co-creative universe is creating the structure for a new economy and a society of co-creation. We're inspiring and catalyzing the new society based on conscious, transparency and collaboration.

Job Description

A full stack spiritual developer who's excited to facilitate and inspirate creation from the heart. For the development of the platform, first version almost ready, I'm looking for a co-founder and full stack developer who's excited about conscious creation and facilitating change.

What We're Building

A platform to facilitate the creation of a more amazing world. Where everyone can share their visions, plans and projects for a more beautiful world. People and communities can make funding available for these projects. In short, I believe the platform will facilitate creating new realities and the creation of an abundance based society where creating for the collective will be the most important parameter for contribution and receiving funding. Money will become a tool and a way to even the exchange. Human society will become transparent and sharing inspiration will be one of the most rewarded aspects of creation.

For background please read this article in which I describe the vision of a Co-creative universe:

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