Cloud Solutions Architect in Madrid


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Job Description

We are looking for a talented DevOps/Test Lead Engineer to join our ride to high-quality and easy to use medical devices!

She/He will be in charge of:

  • get to know our medical products in depth by collaborating with the clinical team
    • understand requirements, user experience and work flow
  • create test plans for our software products
    • outline test strategy, prioritize and identify gaps in test coverage, balancing cost-benefit tradeoff
  • work together with the software team to oversee and implement the test plans
    • test automation, test execution verification, metrics and reports
  • improve and optimize testing architecture
  • improve and streamline our software deployment processes
  • play a role in both product quality and rapid innovation


You will be a great fit if...

  • 3 years of experience working in Software Development (mid seniority level)
    • familiarity with at least on the following languages: Javascript/Typescript, Python, Java
    • knowledge of software development tools and concepts: version control, responsibility separation principle, test/behavior driven development, continuous integration
    • bonus: experience in web development (Angular), cloud computing (AWS) and/or in mobile app development (Android/iOS)
    • super bonus: experience with Angular9, Angular Material, Redux, RxJS, UnitTesting, Cypress, OpenSeaDragon, typescript, SASS.
  • previous experience in testing software products
    • knowledge of testing concepts: test scopes (unit, integration, end-to-end), test types (functional, exploratory, regression, performance, UX evaluation)
    • experience using automated testing tools, testing frameworks
    • previous experience in defining tests plans for software products - prioritization skills, ability to reason about tradeoffs that have been made
  • creative and able to think holistically about software systems
    • focused on continuous improvement of products and infrastructure (testing and deployment)
  • passion for delivering awesome medical solutions that make our customers life easier
    • dedication to ship well-tested, high quality software
    • bonus: experience working in healthcare-life sciences domain
  • Fluent in Spanish or in English. Additional languages are a plus.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, proactive,result-driven

About SpotLab

  • Healthcare

  • Madrid, Spain

  • 2-10

  • 2015


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