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CEO - Barcelona Startup in Barcelona


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Job Description

Join Flylancer’s Founding Team:

At Flylancer we're busy building the world's largest global offline community for remote workers. Our HQ is based in Barcelona and many of our team are based all over the world working remotely.

12 months down the road, Flylancer is looking for an experienced business expert to join our Founder as a full time vested Business Partner in co-CEO role.

About Flylancer:

According to a recent study by Accenture "in 2020 43% of the US workforce will be freelance" making it the fastest growing labor market in the world.

Flylancer is at the very forefront of this 'future of work' movement, with a fully remote team and an unwavering passion for changing the status quo for independent professionals.

In just 12 months it has built up a membership base from just 10 people in Barcelona to +2450 in 13 cities all over the globe, to become the largest offline network for remote workers and freelancers in the world.

The project has also managed to inspire the support and energy of a global network of volunteers who champion the values of the network and community and who are deeply involved in propelling Flylancer towards success.

Key responsibilities of role:

Managing and analysing data flow & databases
Testing, measuring and analysing key company revenue streams
Overseeing company cash flows, balance sheets and managing payments
Crafting and implementing new data analytics processes with CTO
Developing and implementing data driven business strategy with CEO
Drafting & implementing monthly and quarterly roadmaps with CEO
Managing & measuring team KPIs and company goals together with COO
Developing company processes and culture in preparation to scale with COO
Various other tasks that come with the position of running a company

Requirements for role:

Business Leader - Proven track record of transforming ideas into profit generating businesses either as a founder or as a senior level manager.

Business Planning - Experience drafting company roadmaps and helping teams work towards clear goals and KPIs designed to impact the bottom line.

Data Driven Strategist - Your love for numbers goes deep, your empirical and let the numbers speak for themselves when making strategic decisions.

Accounting Skills - You have in-depth experience in business and startup accounting.

Dedicated and hardworking - You get stuck in, live for executing and finishing projects and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty with the rest of the team.

Work well under pressure - You can be relied upon even under the pressure of business management, startup decision making and unexpected changes.

Passion for the movement - Proven interest or experience working within ‘the future of work’ movement, freelancing, remote work and/or independent professionalism.

Balanced management style - You’re empathetic to other people’s views, have a genuine interest in helping others succeed and appreciate that everyone has different strengths. You are aware that diplomacy, perspective and balanced judgement are key to effective management.

Committed - You’re not thinking in one or two year terms, but how our efforts will impact the world in 5-10 years time. You’re able to defer a salary for an initial period of 6-10 months in place of equity and are available to take up a full-time position.

Social Entrepreneur - You share our belief that building stable viable and scalable businesses founded on the principles of effecting positive social change and fighting for the rights and benefits of minority groups can help make the world a better place.

Unconventional organisational structure - You want to help us further develop concepts related to remote work and flexitime and understand that ultimately a happy team is a productive team.

You’re a realist - You see past startup buzz-words, ‘big promises’ and your skeptical about investment being a measure of startup success. You’re more interested in building businesses that are sustainable, scalable and make a tangible impact on the world.

You’re in Barcelona - You’re either already living in Barcelona, or you would be happy to live in the Catalonian capital to work alongside our HQ team.

Our Team:

From startups to corporates and NGOs, Flylancer’s HQ team is comprised of experts and innovators from very different walks of life, professions and generations, brought together by a shared passion in helping shape a better future of work for freelancers.

We collaborate remotely across the globe taking advantage of agile development practices and cutting edge remote working tools to deliver our services to thousands of members online and offline.


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