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Backend Python / Django Developer in London or Remote


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Job Description

Datapane is looking for an exceptional Django engineer to join our team.

This includes working on:
a) The main Django application, a large, modern, Django app built using Python 3.7 and the latest Python and Django libraries;
b) The API, built using Django Rest Framework (DRF) that is used both by our web-app and client libraries to build and run data analyses;
c) Backend code that integrates our web server with the rest of our cloud architecture, including our PaaS, data science code, general integrations such as payments, devops code, and more.

NOTE - We're looking for permanent, full-time, remote employees excited to join us on our mission. Please do not apply if you are still studying / yet to graduate, are part of an outsourcing company, a freelancer looking for contract work, or are from a country that legally we're unable to hire from being in the UK - unfortunately such applications will be ignored.

Ideally, you should have experience working on Django codebases which serve both server-side rendered pages and APIs via DRF. Familiarity with modern development practices, such as CI/CD, testing, DevOps, Docker, Linux and git would be a big plus. You must have very strong familiarity with Python development, and be excited to pick up the new technologies and skills - for instance we use Python type-hints across our codebase extensively.

Datapane is an ambitious project that's the result of several disciplines, involving orchestrating workloads of multi-million row datasets, operating a HA PaaS that can also be deployed on-prem, and working with tools from the big data ecosystem, such as Apache Arrow and Pandas.

You should like the idea of releasing to real customers regularly, and prioritise getting a great product into users’ hands for feedback and iteration. You will have extensive scope to build and architect the backend, and grow the team in the future.

The role is fully remote and we subscribe to the GitLab global salary calculator:

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