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Backend engineer - big data in Amsterdam

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Job Description

Leading and developing all backend aspects of the product: from social API integrations and data sourcing, through big data pipelines and data management, onto AI algorithm integration and through to 'normal' backend features - UI interfaces, user management, billing etc.

Being the technical leader of this product will put you in a critical position for our future success.

So... are you afraid of challenge? Do you want a cushy, laid-back and super-safe position? Not crazy about learning a lot in a short period of time? Uncomfortable with responsibility? Not a hands-on person? not TRUELY passionate about technology? This position is NOT for you.

However, are you eager to build great products that deliver amazing value? Can you deliver from business idea to working product and into product maturity? Are you passionate about Technology and work doing what you're happy doing anyway? And most importantly - are you a person that likes working hard, empower others and get empowered in order to create a stimulating working environment? If the answer is yes, do read on, you might be a great fit!

What we offer

- An opportunity to join us in this accelerated growth period as a team member with pivotal importance.
- Having a significant impact on what we do and how we do it. Your opinion and abilities would not only matter, they will determine how successful we’ll be!
- A small, international and fun team. To us, it’s more than just a work place… it’s a passion, it's a mission, we enjoy coming in to work, we care about our users and eager to win.
- You would be able to occasionally work remotely or at flexible hours.


- At least 5 years experience in backend web development in a professional context.
- Versatile backend knowledge, which will enable you to build a new, modern high-load system in a short time.
- Strong relational DB experience, considerable NoSQL/Big data experience.
- Phenomenal algorithmic thinking.
- Lots of experience setting up and integrating with APIs.
- Basic familiarity with AI / ML libraries and APIs + endless passion to implement such off-the-shelf libraries/ APIs in the context of real life products.
- Comfortable delivering independently, but able to take feedback and suggestions.
- Like mentoring and driving everyone around you to excellence.
- Strong can-do attitude and startup mentality. Wanting to win and willing to work and fight for it!
- For you, technology is not a profession, it's a passion.
- Owning a relevant academic degree.
- Living or want to live in or near Amsterdam.
- Very good communication skills in English.

Bonus Points

Working with social media APIs
Data engineering speciality
AI experience
Affinity to social media

  • Saa S

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