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Backend Developer in Madrid or Remote


20,000 - €30,000
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Job Description

Looking for back-end developer with more than 4 years of experience in PhP and extended knowledge of AWS.
The project is called ApeLucy, a mobile app in which users can earn free mobile data and subscriptions discounts in exchange of interacting with our app. More than 130k downloads in iOS and Android.

What We're Building

ApeLucy APP lets you earn megabytes by buying, answering surveys, rating, sharing content and more. We integrate with telecom companies to provide this service.
66% of mobile clients runned out of data of their monthly telecom plan in 2016. Out of this percentage, only 20% repurchased data form their provider. ApeLucy adresses the 80% left over with an innovative rewarding app. We are the first APP that is integrating with telecom companies to provide this service and currently testing the platform with one of the biggest operators in Spain. More than 30 brands are commited to our platform.
Our app lets you earn data megabytes by buying answering surveys sharing content and more


About ApeLucy

  • Saa S

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