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Backend Developer in Barcelona


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Job Description

We are Serramedia Espana SL, creators of Snipperwall, a social conversation platform that allows you to aggregate and display the real time social buzz around your brand or event and show it on any screen. By inviting your audience to join the conversation you ignite an enormous social buzz and realise a huge increase in audience engagement.

About the Job

This is not about being boxed in a confined space. We will expect you to think out of the box, to learn new technology and to have an opinion.

Don't expect perfect development processes. But expect to keep improving and more importantly, to feel that you are helping to build something that matters - to your team mates and to the company.

Don't expect flawless technology. Expect learning new frameworks, ways of doing, languages and stacks.

Who would we like to meet? Someone who has enough JVM-based experience but is either bored of Java's banana-monkey-jungle or already on the train of functional coding using Scala. Someone with experience on cloud services such as AWS. Someone who has heard about the actor model or CSP and thinks that Akka is quite something to be used. What about Play Framework? Someone that knows his way in persistence systems: relational databases knowledge is a basic, but what about columnar ones such as RedShift? And what about messaging patterns? Can we discuss about SQS or is Kafka not such a behemoth?

We need skills. But attitude, intelligence and eagerness to learn are the top 3 features.

Desired Skills and Experience

    All in all the following list craves for the perfect picture:

    • At least 5 years of experience with JVM-based technologies: Java 8 is our current target but we are moving to Scala. We make extensive use of Akka and Play Framework is going to become part of our stack

    • Experience with Amazon Web Services. We use many of them, you will be living together with them!
    • Experience in architecture and design patterns (Enterprise Integration patterns? SOA? Microservices? DDD?). What have you worked on and what would you choose? No hype!
    • Different persistence systems knowledge and fact-based opinions: relational vs document-based vs columnar-based. RedShift? Cassandra? MongoDB? ElasticSearch?
    • Distributed messaging systems experience. We use SQS and Kinesis, but have you worked on others such as RabbitMQ or Kafka?
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery experience. You have worked with Jenkins or similar tools. Unit, functional and integration testing form part of your dev process
    • You know how to keep data safe and accessible, and have a strong focus on application security
    • You know how to write well-designed and re-usable code and understanding of principles behind SOLID, and Clean Code is part of your literature
    • Exposure to the Agile development process
    • Well spoken and written Spanish & English

Note: To apply, it is important that you have an European passport or work permit for EU


About Snipperwall

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