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Job Description

From smartphones to connected cars, location data is changing the way we live and the way we run businesses. Everything happens somewhere, but visualizing data to see where things are isn’t the same as understanding why they happen there. CARTO is the world’s leading Location Intelligence platform, enabling organizations to use spatial data and analysis for more efficient delivery routes, better behavioural marketing, strategic store placements, and much more.
Data Scientists, Developers and Analysts use CARTO to optimize business processes, and predict future outcomes through the power of Spatial Data Science.

Backed by leading VC firms Accel Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Earlybird Ventures, and Kibo Ventures, CARTO is poised to lead the LI space.

We are looking for a person to lead our Backend Team. And what does a Backend Lead at CARTO? TL;DR Manage a highly specialized team of developers within a strong technical context.

We’re looking for someone extremely optimistic and motivated for the challenge of leading the backend of a modern location platform that tries to solve lots of the problems of this “new” post-COVID world. As you can imagine geospatial plays a key role in such a challenge.

CARTO works with amazing customers like Google, Mastercard, Vodafone, Posterscope, DPD, American Express, T-Mobile, several governments .... they basically push our platform to the limit!

If you love to be in contact with top engineers in geospatial and geospatial data, this is your place! CARTO collaborates with OS projects like, PostGIS… We also work pretty close to BigQuery and Google’s engineers.

Your mission is to make sure the team strives for technical excellence and that they are always aligned with the company goals. For that, your team will need to feel challenged, motivated, united and happy.

The position is open remote, but you can work either out of our Madrid or Seville office.

About the team

You will join the Backend team and lead a team of 6 greats developers, which looks after a broad range of technologies: our web backends (in Rails) and our Maps and SQL APIs (Node.js).

We have a passion for clean code and we achieve that through collaboration: code reviews, pair programming, etc.. At CARTO we believe that professional development happens through teaching and learning from your peers and managers, and we really strive to help everyone learn new things from us.

You will always find someone at the team willing to explain how some parts of the platform

About you

This job requires engineering and management skills. If we had to give you a ratio, we’d say that this job is 60% management, 40% technical, but your technical background is key to this role. Let us explain what we expect from you:

On the technical side, you'll become a reference in the team and you need to have passion to code and to learn new things. Don't worry if you don't know all the technologies we’ll do an onboarding of 3-4 months (the first 3 months you’ll work as a developer and after that 1 month as a project lead). We need to make sure you get all the knowledge on the platform and become an expert on the world of maps!

You'll have amazing teammates you can trust and delegate to. They'll help you to get up to speed. What we need from you to become the team leader is to provide the global vision and direction, how the different pieces fit, work together and communicate amongst them. To know what the implications are for every important decision in the architecture, to provide guidance to your team members, where the best place to tackle a problem is.

In the management side,
- Work as a project lead. We run agile and you will be the lead of the projects your team is involved in (setup weekly goals, run dailies, backlog definition…).
- You'll have to work on team management. You’ll help your teammates to grow in their profession. You’ll collaborate with other team leads and product managers to ensure the backend team does meaningful work.

What you will do

You will manage a team that works in a broad spectrum of technologies:
- Rails: as the backend part of our visual applications and as APIs for other integrations (Import API for getting data into our system, Auth API for setting permissions, to give you some examples).
- Node: we have several APIs built in Node like the Maps API, that generates the data and map tiles to visualize it or the SQL API, that allows you to interact with your data inside CARTO.
- SQL: we love PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

In CARTO we work at a large scale. And when we say large scale, we mean it. Rough numbers:
- Tens of millions of map views per month.
- Thousands of customers.
- Hundreds of thousands of users.
- Thousands of databases.
- Almost a billion API calls per month.

You can imagine after reading this we also need from you to know about architecture at scale: caching mechanisms at different levels, database performance, etc... If these kinds of challenges are what makes you tick, CARTO is the place to be.

As we said above, don’t worry if you don’t know all our technologies. You can count on your team. Coding will not be your most important task, but it’s important.

You can get more details about our technology in our developers portal and through our blog.

In the management side, you'll be in charge of tasks like:
- Career development: you coach your teammates to make them shine. Via 1-on-1s, retrospectives, setting onboarding processes, doing biannual reviews. You'll give deep and actionable technical and non-technical feedback and you'll help them along the way to reach their full potential.
- Communication: you are the voice of your team towards the management team and you carry the voice of the company towards your team. You are able to synthesize complex information and to share it in different contexts.
- Collaboration: you communicate constantly with other engineering teams, with the Product managers as well with other leads from other teams across the company.

Our offer

    • Competitive, results-based compensation
    • Access to our employee stock options plan
    • Private medical insurance
    • Every Friday afternoon it’s Leapfrog time: time to unleash your creativity working on any project you think might improve CARTO
    • The position is open to remote, but you can work either out of our Madrid or Seville office.
    • A bright, comfortable office, stocked with snacks, good coffee, and even a ping-pong table, a self-built arcade and cinema. Unfortunately the office is not ready for now :)

About Carto

  • Saa S

  • Madrid, Spain

  • 50-200

  • 2012


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