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App Engineer in London or Remote


40,000 - €85,000
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Job Description

Colony is building tools for a more open, collaborative, decentralized future of work. This includes an open protocol for coordinating the economic activity of a network of users, a GUI for starting and contributing to Colonies, and a library to add the Colony protocol to any application or organization.

We are a team of 12 with our headquarters in London and a team distributed across 10 countries.

We are looking for a talented developer with an affinity for distributed systems to help us bring the Colony dApp into the fully decentralized world. The ideal candidate will thrive in an environment with a high degree of autonomy, as part of a distributed team.

Colony is striving to build a ‘true’ dApp. We already have a functioning beta built with server-client architecture that will act as a benchmark for user experience and workflow, but which needs to be rebuilt with decentralization as the guiding principle.

The engineer should be willing to design with the ‘long view’ in mind, willing to research and keep familiar with the latest relevant technologies and tools - in some cases this might entail building custom solutions that utilize low trust or trustless technologies as a stand-in for another decentralized product still under development.

Strong skills in JavaScript (+ES6) is a must, as is a general familiarity with the Ethereum development ecosystem. This includes but is probably not limited to:

- Web3 and related libraries
- Experience or familiarity with IPFS, swarm or other distributed storage systems
- Experience building progressive web apps (knowledge of modern browser APIs)

Bonus points for:

- Proficiency with Solidity smart contracts
- Experiences with front-end JS frameworks
- Contributions to related open-source projects (+1 for Ethereum-related projects)
- Knowledge of distributed systems
- Experience with Unit testing and continuous integration


About Colony

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