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Android Platform Engineer in Amsterdam


40,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

About your Role

The Fairphone software team is looking for an experienced Android Platform Engineer who wants to bring a more sustainable approach to the Android ecosystem. You will join our growing team and actively take part in its development. Your role is to improve and maintain the quality of the Fairphone operating systems and integrate them with the hardware of our devices. You will perform in-depth analysis of reported issues, drive new features, and implement solutions.

Your Responsibilities

- Integrating and maintaining the Android operating system on both existing and new Fairphone devices.
- Developing additional functionalities for Fairphone’s devices. This includes designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining those additions.
- Providing clarity on (user-)reported software and hardware issues. This includes reproducing problems, analysing their impact, and documenting your in-depth analysis to share your observations with your colleagues.
- Writing software fixes for given problems and developing comprehensive tests to validate the proposed fixes and to ensure integrity of the overall operating system.
- Engaging with the community to validate bug reports and improvements, design solutions, and test them together.


About Fairphone

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