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Adtech Data Scientist in Barcelona


30,000 - €40,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a experienced Data Scientist to join our amazing team in the beautiful Barcelona. In this position you will become part of one of the fastest growing adtech companies managing +10B ad requests/day world wide.
We are looking for a professional who is able to design scalable, quick and flexible solutions to analyse huge amount of data, identify key parameters, create patterns and algorithms to optimize the results of our technology, and collaborate with our engineers to implement those algorithms.
The ideal candidate will be able to understand the physics behind the problems and analyses large chunks of data in an efficient and effective way.

The ideal candidate will have a master or equivalent in Computer science or equivalent degree.
Previous experience in an AdTech company will be really valuable.
Experience with SQL database and HADOOP is a plus.

Not required but a plus to have experience in one of the following areas:
- Signal processing
- Pattern Recognition
- Data Mining
- Big Data
- Computer modelling

A good level of written and spoken English and Spanish is required.


About Tappx

  • Ad Tech

  • Privately Held

  •  Barcelona, Spain

  • 1-10 employees

  • 2013

Tappx is an online community that enables developers to promote their app for free by exchanging ads with other developers. For each ad that a member shows, the user earns a credit (Tappx), and each time another member shows one of his ads, he is charged a credit.

Tappx is a cross-promotion community, made by developers for developers. It is designed to give mobile app developers a free platform to increase the popularity of their app during the launch in the app market. The website currently hosts a wide collection of apps developed by users from around the world. 


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