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A Challenge for Developers: Solve the Tracking Game in Amsterdam


40,000 - €96,000
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Job Description

Reaktor is looking for developers who solve problems other deem impossible. Are you one? Play the Tracking Game and get on our recruitment fast track.

"A diamond-mining vessel has gone missing. Three days ago, the ship sent out a distress signal, and then dropped off the face of the Earth. If you and the satellite can't find the ship...well, let's just say that we are likely lo lose more than precious cargo."

The Tracking Game is a puzzle you can only solve with the help of coding skill and satellite data. Your job is to embark on a journey around the world, uncover the secrets of the sisterhood, and come out on top.

What's in it for the world: for every 100th solver, we're donating 1000 dollars to the Rainforest Alliance.

What's in it for you: solvers looking for a job with us get on our fast track.

Play the game here: 

What we are looking for:

- Solid skill in at least a few programming languages you like. Functional programming, Node.js, Clojure, React, Swift, SQL, NoSQL, general bleeding edge stuff.
- Willingness to be responsible for your work, development and career path. We'll have your back in whatever you want to achieve, only it's up to you to kep the end goal straight. 
- A curious mind and a burning desire to improve, grow, get better, "insert more synonyms". It's okay to not be perfect.

About us

Reaktor is a digital partner for forward-thinking companies. Known for technical excellence and specialized in designing hyper-modern customer experiences for premium brands, Reaktor Amsterdam creates digital products, experiences, and business tools for a global clientele.


About Reaktor

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