3D Environment Artist in Madrid

Tequila Works

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Job Description

Tequila Works is looking for a sharp eye and a deft hand to help breathe fresh vision into a new IP experience. Teamwork, innovation, attention-to-detail and unbridled passion are the characteristics we look for in all of our artists. If you are a talented 3d environment artist or modeler looking for an exciting, high profile project, to challenge you, this is where you need to be.


Examples of high resolution modeling, both organic and hard surface.

Examples of full set design and scene management.

Wireframe and isolated renders of relevant models, isolated texture work examples.

Demonstrate understanding of next generation texturing and use or normal mapping.

Please include comparison screenshots and/or turntable of model in wireframe, AO and final rendered image. Please include software used and poly count where applicable.

Minimum requirements

Art-related degree and/or comparable professional experience.
A strong portfolio that demonstrates experience modeling, texturing, and set dressing environments for games
Demonstrated experience working with Unreal Engine and modern art pipelines
Exceptional visual and technical understanding in sculpting, 3D modeling & texturing (both high- & low-resolution game assets).
Must be comfortable taking on responsibility for development of complex environments while pushing the visual quality bar
5+ years of experience in game development
Proficient in Maya, 3D Max and Substance Painter.
Zbrush proficiency is a must.
Lighting: Experienced setting up realtime lighting Engine: Well versed in Unreal 4 Real-time Performance


Work with the Art Director and concept artists to produce high quality 3d models.
Generate high resolution models, low resolution models, and textures for real-time 3D engine.
Collaborate with designers and animators to develop run-time game 3D Data procedures & pipelines.
Make a significant, direct contribution to the creation of 3D art assets.
Expert understanding of next-gen game asset development processes, limitations and dependencies.
Help plan out and develop environments and environment assets from prototype to final art quality
Excellent communication, time-management and organizational skills.
Actively accepts and provide feedback from other artists.
Task driven, self-motivated, proactive.
Strong leadership and interpersonal abilities.
Works well under deadline.


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