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3D Data Engineer in Paris


30,000 - €60,000
0.01 - 0.1%
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Job Description

The 3D backend job is to gracefully load, clean and optimize all uploaded data to make it readily viewable on all platforms and with great fidelity compared to the native data. You will help us make it a breeze uploading models on Sketchfab and help us improve accessibility, be it by extending our format/software support or by lowering the hardware or bandwidth requirements to display a scene.


    • Maintain and extend our processing pipeline
    • Optimize processed data in terms of processing timings, rendering performance, bandwidth requirements
    • Help improve our tooling to make it a joy to work with our codebase
    • Listen and give feedback to our community and the 3D community at large


    • 2+ years of experience working with 3D/2D data
    • Strong knowledge of C++ and not afraid of Python or Javascript
    • Focused on shipping simple and robust code
    • Self-organized and pragmatic


    • We are result oriented, organized, resourceful, creative, we do our best to implement our ideas and find practical solutions
    • We are team-players, fun to work and be with, during office hours and during our team get-togethers
    • We are a multinational and English-speaking team
    • We are passionate about 3D & VR, and want to shape its future
The job is based in Paris, and comes with a competitive salary and equity package, depending on your experience.


About Sketchfab

  • 3 D Printing

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