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Senior Full-stack Engineer en Madrid


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  • Designing and developing new features in frontend and backend sides.
  • Review software code written by other team members to identify bugs and improve the code quality.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the technical team to ensure applications align with the organization’s goals, as well as customer needs
  • Using our design library, create good user-facing features to give the best UX to our users
  • Remain current on technology trends to keep our software as innovative as possible

What You'll Do:

  • Developing the next bunch of features of our platform using Javascript, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS, Python and Django following the UX guidelines of our design team.
  • Developing charts that visualize data from our database using d3.js and other graphics frameworks.
  • Create and improve our API endpoints squeezing response timings
  • Building the web applications that the Backend, Data Science, Data Operations and Customer Success teams use internally to power all our platforms.
  • Asynchronous Python: Django Q and RabbitMQ with Celery.
  • Work with relational databases as PostgreSQL and non-relational as MongoDB.


Your Skills:

  • JavaScript and Python, the two pillars of everything we do in the Product Engineering team.
  • VueJS, as it is our JS framework of choice, but you may also be proficient in another modern JS framework like React, Angular, Ember or Svelte instead and that’s fine, we will help you get up to speed with VueJS (and you’ll love it!).
  • Django, the framework we use for all server-side code. Sometimes we throw in also Django Rest Framework to develop our APIs. Other backend web frameworks like Node are good too
  • HTML5 and CSS. We do care about using the right CSS rules and markup and structuring them the right way.
  • SQL and some database administration knowledge, mainly for PostgreSQL. We build some awesome queries and we care about them being fast and well-formed. We have even built our own database ORM backend for Django.
  • Git, as it is the version control system our whole company uses and it’s deeply integrated in our development process.
  • English: half of the company doesn't speak Spanish and your job involves some written and spoken communication with people in other countries and timezones (and with different cultures, by the way).


Bonus Points
You will learn on the job many of the other tech pieces we use. Of course, it will be easier if you are already familiar with any of them:

  • Command line interface, Linux administration.
  • Quasar.
  • CSS preprocessors (Stylus).



Soft Skills:

  • Team work
  • Collaborative skills
  • Analytic orientation



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