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The parking sector is not interesting.

Until you realize that, in big European cities, private parking is usually not in an app. So that, when you leave your spot in the morning, you can not share it with drivers cruising around the city.

Then you think, f***, it's bringing sharing economy to parking. That can be a thing.

Then you worry about the keys, and we tell you we have our own IOT solution.

And then you look at the market, why the heck is this not working yet?

And then we take a coffee together.

As a team, we truly think that Design is as important as any other area. We believe in the power of cool Brands and the impact they have in the world.

Great UX/UI is a must in PARC. Until now, we have managed to do it ourselves (founders with no design skills) and now, because of growth, we are looking for someone part-time. Full-time as soon as we can and shares are an option.

Call me so I can explain you what we do and if we get along :)


Acerca de Parc

  • Logistics

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 2-10

  • 2017


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