Web Development Frameworks market share in Barcelona

08 July 2015 Marc

This is the first of a series of articles talking about what we’ve found out by analysing the job data we collect about startups in Barcelona. Today, I’m going to cover which are the most demanded Web Frameworks based on the number of mentions they receive in the job offers. Also, I’ll comment on salary ranges if available.

Please note that not all startups use Web Frameworks, so out of the 300 tech job positions we do have around 70-80 that are actually asking for Web Development skills. Also, it’s out of the scope of this post to start a debate on which Framework beats another or which one is gaining/losing traction since we don’t have enough historical data (not yet). Anyway, I hope this post serves you good if you as a web developer want to have a real picture of the Frameworks being used as of today.


Web Development Frameworks market share: Symfony 33%, Ruby on Rails 28%, Spring 11%



Most demanded


SymfonyRuby on Rails

Symfony (PHP) and Ruby on Rails (Ruby) clearly take the lead with 24 and 20 open job positions each. We don’t have much data about Symfony salary numbers but there’s an opening offering up to 30-70K € (too broad and I believe its an error) being the usual upper salary range at 30-40K €. Rails salaries offered are up to 50K €, we see two at the 35-45K € upper range.


Mid range

Spring MVC         Laravel

Django                              CakePHP

Spring Framework (Java) was first released in 2003 and is the second oldest in this list after Struts (year 2000). It is still kicking it today at its 4th version and it’s featured in 8 job openings. No salary data for this one, sorry.

On the opposite side we have Laravel, the new kid in town. This PHP Framework was first released in 2011 and is a required technology in 7 job offers. For Laravel we just have two known salaries and are listed as 30K-45K each.

Django and CakePHP have 5 open positions each. No listed salaries for those either.


Least demanded

Grails   CodeIgniter     Struts

Grails (Groovy), CodeIgniter (PHP) and Struts (Java) are the least demanded Web Frameworks with 1 open job offer mentioning them each. No salaries either, sorry.



At this current time we have  over 300 open tech job positions in Startup / technology companies hiring in Barcelona (out of 600 total job openings). We have extracted all keywords in their job offers and we’ve found out which ones are the most required Web Development Frameworks and its compensations.


  • Symfony (PHP)  24 job offers. Upper range listed salary: 45K €
  • Ruby on Rails (Ruby) 20 job offers. Upper range listed salary: 50K €
  • Spring (Java) 8 job offers.
  • Laravel (PHP)  7 job offers. Upper range listed salary: 45K €
  • Django (Python) 5 job offers.
  • CakePHP (PHP) 5 job offers
  • Grails (Groovy) 1 job offer.
  • CodeIgniter (PHP) 1 job offer
  • Struts (Java) 1 job offer


Are we missing any Web Development Framework? Could be! Please keep in mind that we are not enumerating Frameworks, we are counting the ones who appear in our list as of 30th July 2015. Feel free to browse jobsBCN by searching for Frameworks you don’t see here, we might have missed one. If so, please let us know!



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