Social Gaming Jobs are taking off in Barcelona!

14 November 2012 Katherine Stott

Social Gaming JobsEverybody enjoys playing games; especially when it involves playing within your own social group or circle as is the case with social gaming.

Social gaming is so addictive, that the Internet is becoming flooded with gaming sites where users can play seemingly infinite, free games online. There is such a huge demand that it’s opened up incredible opportunities for jobs in social gaming. Companies that are offering these attractive opportunities include, SocialPoint, Digital Chocolate, Gameloft and Digital Legends – all incredibly popular brand names that not only attract game players, but future employees too.

The rapid growth of Barcelona based companies like SocialPoint and is opening up a world of opportunity for gaming geeks in the city, who have gone from playing their favorite games, to developing them. According to CEO Riccardo Zacconi, there is a bright future in this business – if numbers are anything to go by;
“ has quickly established itself in the casual social games space with more than 40 million monthly players and 3 billion monthly gameplays.”

Social Gaming Jobs for Everyone

Since social gaming is booming, there are already a great number of social gaming jobs and opportunities being offered across social and mobile application platforms. These social gaming opportunities range from game developers for different platforms like iOS and Android; to account executives for a number of publishing acquisitions; and up to marketing managers for social and online marketing.

In Barcelona alone, events such as the recent 11th European iGaming Congress & Expo have been organized by companies to present social gaming jobs to opportunity seekers within the fields of social media and tech industry. This could be the start of social gaming becoming a huge enterprise.

For anyone in Barcelona seeking to be a part of the growing social gaming industry, now’s the time to spread your wings and expand on your career!

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