Dutch Innovator Greenhouse Innovation opens Barcelona office

October 15, 2015 Sophie Reitsma

This guest post was written by Sophie Reitsma, Operations Director at  the dutch startup incubator Greenhouse Innovation which will be opening a new office in Barcelona soon.

Greenhouse Innovation is specialised in the development and marketing of new business concepts, mostly online and mobile. Our current creation, development and execution is focused towards innovative concepts in the fields of Mobile & Social Sharing, Social Media and Retail.

The combination of backgrounds in market-focused commercial management, R&D, online and traditional media as well as e-commerce makes Greenhouse Innovation perfectly equipped to develop, market and manage  innovative business concepts.

Our team is a great balance of 19 young, international enthusiastics all focused towards achieving world domination! The informal atmosphere makes ambition, personal growth and responsibility a daily routine. Plus our international sales agents in the USA, Italy and Germany are making sure our products are sold worldwide.

Meet our team, here they are 

Let us introduce you to our products: Snipperwall & Selly.

Snipperwall is the ultimate social media fan engagement tool that is able to collect, visualise and moderate the social conversation around any brand, event or topic. For Snipperwall we currently develop the coolest social wall visualisations, to be used for online and offline interactive experiences. Next up is our easy to use management system for clients, where our UX & Visual Designer have come up with the best user experience.

Snipperwall works with great brands. Worldwide visible in stores, stadiums, exhibitions, venues, public transport, offices and online…

A small selection;

And many more…Check out our website 

We are also very proud to have launched the digital retail platform Selly for cities & malls. Selly combines the best parts of traditional shopping with the easiness and convenience of online shopping. Aiming to build a community with shop & shopper interaction, resulting in a higher footprint towards the mall.

Because shopping starts at home, we’ve developed a complete platform with consumer apps (iOS & Android), an intranet & management app for shops and a website.

Currently live:

Stay tuned about the best deals, promotions, discounts, events and shops with the Selly Shopping Retail Platform. Utilising interaction, innovation and personal contact to deliver the best Selly experience.

Are you the perfect match for our Barcelona office to help us to reach the next leap?

Check our FrontEnd and Backend developer job offers in Barcelona here!

Greenhouse innovation team loves Barcelona