Typeform is a tech start-up which is transforming data collection into a flexible, intuitive and incredibly engaging user experience: the typeform.

We are on a mission: change the obsolete way in which online forms and surveys interact with us humans.

A typeform is the natural evolution of forms, which uses state of the art interaction design and smart cross-device technology to get the best out of the current multi-screen scenario, resulting in improved completion rates.

Our intuitive platform allows creators to easily build, design and distribute typeforms, as well as analyze resulting data.

Typeforms are multi-purpose: they can be used for surveys, forms, exams, contests, quizzes, tutorials …even presentations!

People hate standard forms and surveys, those old-fashioned tools that take users back to the Internet of the 90s, but do love typeforms, far more conversational, interactive and friendly with them.

Find out why… http://www.typeform.com

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