Jobfluent + jobsBCN merge
JobsBCN and JobFluent come together to create the largest platform aimed at matching startups with the best professionals

Job search portals JobsBCN & JobFluent will merge seeking to consolidate their presence in Spain and conquer the European market, true to their mission of connecting the best technological startups with the most talented professionals. was founded in 2012 in the United States. Today it is present in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and London.

Meanwhile, was born in Barcelona in 2015 and launched its Madrid counterpart, in May 2016. Its dominant position in both cities makes JobsBCN a market leader in the job search and recruitment sector for startup and tech companies in the Spanish market.

Within the merger agreement, JobsBCN and JobsMAD will now be named JobFluent, with Marc Monguió as the new CEO. JobFluent Co-Founders will resign from their executive roles to focus on their new startups and, respectively.

10 SEO Interview Questions for 2016

Posted by | December 10, 2015 | Industry News, Tips



Photo by Nogran. (CC)


SEO performance is still without a doubt one of the most critical inbound marketing channels going into 2016 . Achieving top rankings in search engines is crucial for most online business –if not for all of them.

So, SEO strategy and tactics continue to be one of the most powerful aspects of  any online marketing effort. To this end, it goes without saying that companies in 2016 will take every SEO-related aspect of their marketing strategies very seriously, and that they look to hire only the best professionals.

This means a job interview for a SEO position will be really demanding. Before you’re hired to optimize their websites, recruiting managers will want to be sure that you are results-focused person by testing your knowledge and skills.

Yes, we know this can be stressful – so we decided to help you prepare for your next SEO oriented interview.

Take a look at 10 SEO questions you may get asked in an interview and some tips on how to tackle them:

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Few things are more exciting than getting involved in a new project, working hard on it together with your teammates and seeing how it evolves and grows: that’s what happens when you work at a startup.

Working at a startup, you’ll move away from the boring “preset to-do list” into a world full of new challenges and possibilities. Yes, working at a startup is an adventure.  Big companies have already done all the work and you just have to follow an established plan –your job is focused mainly on getting your assigned tasks done. At a startup, you will have to help create everything from scratch, imagine and develop the workflows that best fit the company, change and adapt them once and again.

For recent grads, working at a startup is a wonderful way to acquire experience and continue learning while doing real work in a dynamic environment. For experienced professionals, swapping from a corporate business to a startup is usually the best way to break years of routine, get new goals, regain passion and continue growing by using your knowledge to help create something new.

Are you still wondering what are the pros of joining a startup? At JobFluent, we’ve come up with 14 reasons to answer that ever so common question.

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10 Social Media Interview Questions

Posted by | November 25, 2015 | Tips


Photo by Jason Howie (CC)


It’s almost 2016 and by now, every business is familiar with the huge opportunities available for them online. There’s no question online marketing is invaluable, and social media is one of its main tools. Not only does it help companies to connect with potential customers, it also allows them to establish conversations with people who may be interested in their products or services.

Aside from generating business, social media is also creating jobs. Positions like community manager, social media content creator or curator, social data analyst… are on the rise.

If you are looking for a job in this area, you should know that you’re in for a demanding and competitive interview. It’s time to get ready and we’ve got your back. Here are 10 Social Media questions you may get asked in a job interview –and some tips on how to tackle them:

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A brand is anything (a symbol, name or even a color) that separates and distinguishes something from the rest.  Although the term has been used for companies and products, we must be aware that all of us have our own set of characteristics that differentiate us from the rest. We have our own personal brand online.

Now, having a personal brand is a huge responsibility that comes directly tied to our reputation. Think of it as your online birthmark. It allows recruiting managers or possible business partners to recognize you and choose you on a lineup!

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One of the best ways to get yourself out there and make contacts in the professional world is by attending job fairs. In the era of online job applications and e-mailing CVs, job fairs are the perfect opportunity to focus on the best way to interact: live conversations.

At JobFluent, we’re convinced career fairs are a great way for both companies and jobseekers to connect and create relationships. For this reason, we’re excited to bring you the 7th JobFluent Barcelona Startup Job Fair.

We’d love for you to get the most out of this opportunity, so here are some tips for the day of the fair:

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Trovit: Your Go-To For Classified Ads

Posted by | September 22, 2015 | Industry News



Classified ads are a great way to find a new car, a nice place to live, or really almost anything you need. But sometimes, it takes a long time to find just what you’re looking for.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop place for all classified ads? Well, lucky for us, it exists. Let’s meet Trovit.

Trovit is the leading search engine for classified ads in Europe and Latin America. Thanks to Trovit, you can find the most interesting ads published in thousands of classifieds websites and save time. Also, it allows to set up personalized alerts for your searches and will let you know when there is a new ad that might interest you.

Furthermore, Trovit has been recognized as one of Spain’s 50 Best Workplaces for the fifth year in a row… and they are hiring!

Want to know more? Let’s find out!



The Barcelona Startup Job Fair is back!

On Tuesday, October 13th, more than 30 tech startups and high growth companies will gather together with hundreds of the most talented professionals from different areas.

The past fairs have proven to be very successful, our last edition was in February and we had over 350 professionals who were able to connect with 30+ companies! Having said that, we’re super excited to see what this new edition has in store for us and want you to be part of it.

If you are looking for a new job, think it’s time for new challenges and want to introduce yourself to some of the hottest startups in the city, you simply can’t miss this event.

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25 SEM Interview Questions

Posted by | August 20, 2015 | Tips



A while back, we put together a list of interview questions for SEO positions. SEO jobs are still super demanded but also, lately we’ve been witnessing a surge of openings for positions in a broader category that SEO belongs to: SEM.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing uses both paid and organic tactics to increase a website’s visibility in search engine results pages. We thought it would be good to also gather and share some helpful interview questions for AdWords-related positions.

If you’re looking for a job in SEM, here are some questions that may help you kick ass on your interview.

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Europe’s startup scene is thriving, which means that there are many startup jobs available here. Wouldn’t it be nice to work at a cool startup while exploring a new country? Well, many cool opportunities are rising on cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and London that may entice you to cross the pond. But, before you do, here’s what you need to know about the legal regulations for working in the European Union.

In general, to work as an employee in one of the EU countries you don’t need to apply to any work permit if you are a national from another EU country, any of the countries belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

If you are a citizen from a country outside the EU/EEA, willing to work in the EU, you’ll need to fulfill several immigration laws, that can vary from one country to another and may also depend on your nationality. Nevertheless, there are some common trends that apply in all the European Union countries, in particular those regarding high qualified workers, researchers and students.

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How To Write A Great Cover Letter

Posted by | July 9, 2015 | Tips


A cover letter is not just a simple attachment to your resumé to make it look good — it’s your first opportunity to make a good impression in a more direct and personable way.

Your resumé already lists all the information about your education and work experience but your cover letter should give a brief introduction to your professional background. Also, you need to convince the hiring manager that you can be a great asset for their company and that you are really motivated to join them. Your cover letter can help you voice that.

Actually, a good cover letter may be even more important than your resumé in getting you a job interview… so, it seems reasonable to put some time and effort to make it perfect. In case you are asking yourself how to write a great cover letter, we have put together some tips that may help you to improve your job search results.

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Are you a recent University graduate, passionate about coding? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find your dream job in an awesome city? If we’re describing your life right now, Netcentrification 2015 is just what you’re looking for.

What’s that you ask? On Thursday, July 9th, Netcentric’s brand new office in Poblenou (Barcelona) will host a 5-hours recruiting event, during which you’ll get to know the company, their core values and the way they work.

After performing a coding assessment to test your skills, you’ll have a chance to ask further questions in a brief, personal interview.

The days after the event, Netcentric will evaluate the results and contact the 30 best candidates. If you are one of them, you’ll receive an offer and 2 months of paid training by leading experts in the web development field. Now, it’s not over there. From the very first day of your training you’ll get a permanent contract including a competitive salary and several perks.


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pipedrive kontor

Back in 2010, Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) was not as efficient and user-friendly as it should be. Pipedrive was born to change that.

Pipedrive helps you manage every step of your sales pipeline. All this with a clean, intuitive interface and a powerful API. Want to learn more about what they do? We do, too!

We tapped into the mind of Andrus Purde, Pipedrive’s Head of Marketing, and he kindly responded to our questions. Let’s get to know them!

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MEE copia

If you’ve been applying for jobs lately, then you know that it’s not an easy task. There’s a lot of competition and hiring managers review thousands upon thousands of profiles to find the right match for a position. As we’ve said before, having a good and interesting CV can help you stand out but also, you need to go one step further to impress and succeed.

How can you do that? Work on your online persona: brand yourself. An easy way to start is by creating an online website to include your CV and portfolio. I found that WordPress has a great variety of portfolio, vCard and resumé themes to help you aim for the stars on your job search with a creative and well designed website.


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